Friday, 20 April 2018

Scythe at the Creative Biscuit.

This Thursday saw 5 of us throw down in the alternate history world of Scythe.

Tim was desperate to play with his new toys so we walked in to find the board fully set up. Of course he included all the new factions, airships, and map expansion ;0)

With three new players (Lano, Tookey and Paul) the first thing the salty dogs Tim and I told them was how it was nearly impossible to score the 'objective cards' . . . . . .

So of course they all score their objective cards early in the game!

I ended up playing as the Polish and with 5 players contesting the board found it really difficult to expand beyond my boarders.

Sandwiched between the Germans and British (Paul and Tim) I decided to play the long game and try to make a land grab late in the game via the tunnel complex.

Unfortunately I waited too long and never had the resources or power to keep my gains.

This saw Lano (I think) the winner with everyone else finishing well ahead of me at the final whistle.


  1. Looks like a very tactical game, never played Scythe but the reviews are good, smashing to play in a large group. Game looks great :-)

    1. Everyone in our gaming group who has played the game has enjoyed it. There are layers to the game, definitely.

  2. @darryl it is a great game took us a game to really get to grips but once you do its great. It can get tactical and with the air ships it adds another dimension. Also the art work is awesome! I would definitely recommend having a go.


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