Sunday, 15 April 2018

No Salute but definately some Shadespire!

With no real need to go to Salute and absolutely no need to buy ANYTHING I decided to give Salute a swerve this year . . . . but this did not stop me going to the post-Salute gathering at Lano's afterwards. And I'm really pleased I did!

Had a lovely surprise when I knocked on the front door and it was opened by Damon who used to work at the Miniature Empire. I had not seen him since he had moved back to Suffolk.

With games of Warhammer Fantasy and Warmachine; Company of Iron going full blast in the garage Damon and I decided to have an al fresco game of Shadespire.

This would see Damon playing Orruks against my Skellies.

Damon had only played the one game so far but channelled his inner Ork and went straight for the charge!

Thankfully I had drawn the objectives 'supremacy' and 'battle without end' so I only needed to stay out of the way in order to score . . . . Of course that is easier said then done when your only movement two!

With my fighters now tanked up on upgrades I decided to get stuck in but kept mixing up the Orruks which meant I was unable focus down on a single Ork to kill it of!!

Thankfully my early lead meant I was able to hang on for the win but it was close at the end with me taking the victory 10 to 7!

While we were playing Tookey turned up. Having bought Shadespire but only having the one game so far he decided to dive into my stack of cards and build (another) Orruk deck.

Once again I was playing as Skellies and once again I was on the back foot from the off!

Thankfully I had drawn 'Battle without end' again so managed to score glory from resurrecting my Skellies as they were smashed to bits.

With my resurrected Skellies 'inspired' I now took the fight to the Orruks.

This would see Tookey scoring glory off cards like 'Too dumb to die' where he gains glory just from not dying from attacks!!

Thankfully this time I managed to stay focused and made sure I was targeting the right Orruk to finish it off.

The last thing I wanted was a bunch of inspired Orruks running about again!

But this did come at a cost as the Orruks were able to swing with wild abandon and score glory after glory by dispatching my Skellies as they moved into threat range.

Tookey also managed to open a charge lane on my Warden late in the game and made a last ditch attempt to assassinate my Warden with his tanked up leader . . . . Thankfully I rolled a 'crit' which saved the Warden's bacon!

When the dust settled and the glory was counted Tookey had squeaked the win 8 glory to my 7!

With Lee managing a draw against Macca's Vampire forces in their game of WHF he now wandered outside to see what we were up to.

With Lee bringing his 'Reaver' deck with him, he and Tookey decided to throw down!

Lee was going to have an uphill swim against the Orruks as every game I have watched between these two forces is a big ask for the Reavers to walk (limp) away the victors.

Lee did not help his cause when he deployed his big hitters up front and well within the charge range of the hard hitting Orruks.

This would see Tookey surge to victory 10 to 2!

With me needing to get home to sort out a weeks worth of dirty, holiday clothes I left the fellas to carry on the party with some more Warmachine; Company of Iron.

Thanks to Lano for hosting a top day of gaming and it looks like the WHF summer offensive kicks off next week!


  1. Thanks for the game, it was great to see you and the guys.

    1. Your welcome man. Hope to catch you when your down in August.

  2. Each time I read one of your Shadespire reports I think that sounded really good fun, must give it a go. Cheers for inspiration Riot, gonna find me an opponent!

    1. Thanks man. There should be plenty of opponents out there. The game has sold really well!

  3. I got this bloody game... Only played the intro rules tho with my boy. Totally forgotten them all tho now. Will have to head down my local GW and have one of them show me how to play.

    Sucks though, cos your reports make it sound so fun.

    1. The rules are fairly standard, it's the decks that add the tactical complexity. An experienced gamer like you will re-take to it like a duck to water!

      The game is well worth a second look.

  4. Great seeing two fully-painted warbands have at it!

    1. I have the first 5 warbands painted for just that reason.

      They do look good on the board!


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