Monday, 30 April 2018

Well that was short and (not so) sweet! 2000 pts WHF throw down

With there being 5 generals taking part in the summer offensive this year we have decided to use a rotation system. With Lano not playing last week and Phil missing the next two weekends it was decided that I would sit out this week. . . . .

Then I got a lovely surprise . . . . . . sort of . . . . .
Due to unforeseen circumstances Lee had to drop out so I got a text from Lano to see if I wanted to jump in?

Heck yer!!

With no Lee to give me a lift and the wife needing the car to take the kids swimming I jumped on my bike.

45 minutes later I arrived all sweaty at Lano's to find him standing in front of an empty table all ready to go with a big smile on his face. . . . BollORKS!!!! I was not ready for this but could not break his heart. The thought of his forlorn little face if he did not get a game in while cycling all the way home would have ruined my Sunday.

My conscience got the better of me and I reached for my box of Ogres on Lano's, garage, shelves.

Spoiler alert. If Jiminy Cricket was here right now I would squish him!!!!!!

The field is set.

Can't lie is does feel good to get the Ogres out again . . . for now!

Lano vanguards forward aggressively.

With various units dropping in behind me.

In my turn I pivot my Scrap launcher which is standing in for an Ironblaster. It then suffers 'newly painted mini syndrome' and misfires catastrophically, taking out several Ogres nearby!!

The surviving Ogre fails it's break check and bolts off the back table edge . . . . Well that went well!

In turn two Lano continues to encircle my forces.

And then shooting happened!!

There were so many dice I had to help Lano load them into his little, stumpy, Donald Trump fingers ;0) !!

I am going to introduce a new house rule of 'if you can't hold the dice you can't use the dice'!

By the way those are only the dice from his main unit! There were many, MANY more arrows!

Not surprisingly pretty much everything Ogre size died and my Ironguts failed their moral check and fled the field!!

So that was that. Two turns and it was all over. . . . . well one turn for me . . . . . At least I got some exercise in!

Mistakes were made by me but this was only ever going to be an up hill swim!

Funnily enough in the post game moves I made sure I avoided Lano's armies like the plague!!

On the other table Macca's Undead clashed with Phil's Dark Elves.

This game would see Macca's Vampire lord stomped to death by Phil's Hydra's.

With both the Vampire and Necromancer destroyed the rest of the army just crumbled to dust.

There is to be no mercy in this summer offensive!


  1. It's games like that is the reason why I don't miss WhFB8 at all hehe ;)

    1. Yer, can't lie I have had more fun games than this!

  2. Looks like fun even if it was a short game.

    1. It took longer to cycle to Lano's and back then it did to play the game! ;0)

  3. I know how you feel, I once saw a mate Purple sunned in the second turn, it tore through his Ogre lines killing 2 thirds of the army and seriously testing his anger management strategies. It was one of the reasons we stopped playing WH. Still it only occasionally happens, bad luck :-)

    1. It's the nature of WHF that these things happen. There were mistakes I made in this game which made it so much worse.

      You live and learn.

  4. Oh dear, not quite according to plan then.

    1. There was not much of a plan to start with but this was certainly the very opposite of 'the plan'! ;0)

  5. Gezz...mate..I am not going to lie them dice are giving me horrible flash backs to Riot Vile Live...😱

    1. The real kick in the teeth was I had to pick up the dice and load them into his stumpy little fingers so he could roll them! ;0)

  6. Yikes, I don't miss games with this type result at all. But that's how Warhammer happens sometimes.

    Two Hydras? O_o

    1. Thankfully games like this are few and far between but there is always a learning curve against new armies.

      Yep two Hydras!!

  7. It happens to the best of us, put it down to the learning curve and move on. See you at BOYL?

    1. It also happens to the worst of us ;0)

      Looks like I will be at BOYL (at least for the Sunday)!!


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