Friday, 13 April 2018

Back to Armageddon!

I have been on radio silence for the last week as I have been on hols with the family.

I landed back to the grey skies of the UK yesterday and decided I needed to re-visit Armageddon to blast away the post hols blues.

The plan was to get my Imperial guard kill-team finished while away but the kids are at that age where they always want to be doing something.

I rocked up at Shaggys to find the following table set up . . . . and what a table!

Shaggy had had a right result on eBay and this was only a small portion of what he had nabbed.

Game one would see my Imperial Guard taking on Shaggy's Chaos Marine Kill-team in a standard 'Kill-team fight'.

This was a short, sharp game with my pair of Snipers making short work of the Chaos Marines. Their toxic ammo meaning I only needed to hit the Marines. As long as the Marines failed their armour saves they were going going out of action on a 5 up.

Game two would be a 'Prometium hunt' with us both racing about trying to secure loot counters. There would also be a monster roaming about!

"RAHHHHHH, remember me?"

The table was reset and Shaggy nicked the first turn.

My Snipers now had massive targets on their chests due to their impact in the first game.

Losing the first turn meant that Shaggy got to blast away with his auto gun with wild abandon!

Shaggy also managed to roll up a monster in the first turn and my Sniper was forced to take an 'ammo roll' after being forced to fight off the monster. I failed the ammo roll and was reduced to only the one sniper rifle before even taking a shot!

Despite the reduction of covering fire the rest of my Kill-team continue to move aggressively up the board.

The rest of my Kill-team advanced through cover to stop the advance of the Chaos Marines on my left.

Shaggy showed his more cut-throat side when he sent his expendable cultist forward into my waiting guns to grab the loot markers.

With the game slipping from my fingers I decide now is the time to strike and I surge forward under a cannoncade of covering fire.

Several Chaos Marines are hit and pinned but even my strength 4 flamer is struggling to incapacitate the toughness 5 Marines!

I even manage to drop one of the fleeing cultists as he bolts for cover.

I continue to surge forward in order to tighten the noose.

My Imperial Guard continue to 'pin' the marines forcing them into cover but I cannot roll high enough to wound the toughness 5 Marines.

I am really struggling to dispatch the Marines due to the loss of my Snipers.

In order to stop me encircling the Marines to stop their escape Shaggy commits his Cultists to melee.

Shaggy manages to roll up another Monster and my Sniper is forced to fight for his life again!

With Shaggy only 2 inches short of the finish line I decide to sound the retreat rather then risk a round of shooting which might result in several of my Kill-team failing their injury roll!

Shaggy walks away the deserving winner of game 2.

Game 3 would be the last game of the day so I decided to cash in a Prometium cashe to bring along an Ogryn to the party!

Shaggy would also turn up, tooled up to the eye balls.

Shaggy has a nightmare when I win the first turn and my Snipers first shot kills an exposed Cultist and two nearby Marines fail their 'break test' and duck for cover. 

The speed of the Ogryn shocks everyone as he races up the board. He only gets to use his Ripper gun once before it runs out of ammo but it does the job when it floors Shaggy's flamer Marine.

Shaggy decides to try flanking me with his cultist with a Marine in support.

I decide to focus down on the more 'tanky' Marines while the Cultists are too far away to be a threat.

Once again one of my Sniper's jams his weapon.

Thankfully his last shot took the Chaos heavy gunner out of action with a head shot!

Casting aside his sniper rifle he pulls out his back up weapon and prepares to take on the fast approaching Cultists.

Up to this point my Ogryn and Shaggy's flamer Marine have been kicking lumps out of each other but cannot land the killer blow.

The rest of my Kill-team continue to race up in support.

In the centre my Snipers and Sergeant continue to blast away at the Cultists who are now a threat.

My Ogryn finally dispatches the Flamer Marine and Shaggy charges in his leader to get some revenge!

With the cultists dispatched I now charge in my Sergeant to tip the balance in the centre.

I decide to go all in and the rest of my flanking forces are finally in a position to charge in to support my Ogryn.

My Sergeant pulls down his opponent in melee and this proves to be the straw that breaks the camels back as Shaggy fails his 'head for the hills test' and I am declared the winner of game 3.

Wanted to thank Shaggy for hosting a great day of gaming.

Really surprised how well the Imperial Guard performed and the Snipers were certainly the MVPs.

Be interesting to see how the new version of 40K 'kill teams' plays.


  1. Good games mate..defo will be interested to see how the new kill team plays now we have done a few games of shadow war.

  2. The games looked and sounded great fun and the scenery was smashing, cheers for posting :-)

    1. Scenery is all down to Shaggy. All I did was turn up roughly on time ;0)

  3. Great looking table for sure and 3 fun games to follow. Congrats on some good results.

    1. Thanks man. All the credit for the table goes to Shaggy. The Imperial guard performed much better then I expected against the Chaos Marines.


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