Friday, 25 May 2018

Video games and the death of miniature painting . . . . A case study . . . . .

 . . . . . i.e. ME!

So for this year I have finished 6 models . . . . and here they are

Last year I sold on or painted nearly 300 miniatures but my painting totals took a nose dive after the new year.

Part of the reason was I wanted to channel this productivity into other things like getting in better shape (which I am slowly doing), and spending more time with the family (which I am really enjoying!).

But another reason is I bought my son one of these for Christmas  . . . . . . .

. . . because he was desperate to play 'Minecraft' like most of his mates.

But the Xbox one does not just have Minecraft . . . . . it has MANY games. . . . .

Including this one . . . . .

Now I have always found the aesthetic and lore of Fallout fascinating. FPS's are not my thing so I never got into the games but I always watched the trailers and cut scenes on Youtube with interest.

And 'Fallout Shelter' is a sims / resource management type game which I have always really enjoyed playing. . . . so yep I'm hooked!

And then there is this . . . . . . 

Now this is a FPS but again all my sons friends are playing it so he wants in.

I only originally started playing it so I could give my son pointers and tutorials when he played as he was basically getting starched the second he touched ground . . . .  and that's never fun!

But I find myself lasting longer and longer in the games now . . . . and I like that!!

Last year if I had a spare 30min in the evenings I would pick up the brushes and slap some paint on a miniature but at the moment if I get a spare 30 min in the evening I am hitting the Kettlebells and that does not leave much time afterwards to paint (and it's tough to paint afterwards while fighting for my breath and sweating like a loon).

So yer video games, in my case there is definitely a negative correlation between video games and miniature painting.

I am still loving the gaming element and the time I spend with my gaming circle is always time well spent, also I am really pumped for the new summer offensive . . . . . but mini painting . . . . . that might take a hit for a while.


  1. Its fair enough, looks like an interesting game :-) My thoughts on all the video gaming is that its often part of the whole gaming experience. I've played PS2 games for ages after many years of painting and modelling. Some hold me longer than others, some I could become addicted too, just non give me the sense of achievement when I've completed a painting project or built another building. But they are fun and to be embraced, so get playing :-)

    1. It definately feeds into my mania. 'Shelter' has really grabbed me.

      I will come back to painting (I always do).

  2. I used to,like playing the odd game like batman and blood bowl but every time i think I will have a quick game the Xbox says needs an update which takes soooo long and by the time it's done my time to,play is over....

    It's a shame it's now all over the internet playing with mates. I used to love the old Nintendo playing mario cart siting around the small 12inch screen...

    Anyway I better get back to painting..

    1. Golden eye on the N64 was always a classic!

      I will get back to the brushes, just not yet!


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