Monday, 16 October 2017

5 Reasons the Age of Sigmar, 'Storm of Sigmar' boxset is great!

It's no secret that I am super hyped about 'Shadespire' being released on the 21st of October.

With this is mind I dropped into a GW store Saturday to place and pay for my pre-order.

While there two things happened; one I stopped worrying about the future of our hobby as the place was RAMMED with kids AND two I spotted this on the shelf. . . .

Now with Shadespire containing both Stormcasts and Khorne elements I wanted to get something to paint to dial in my colour schemes and practice the best speed paint techniques to use so I just grabbed it off the shelf.

And this is what I got . . . .

However in the last 24 hours since I have bought it I have come to realize it is bloody brilliant and here's why . . . . . . .

#1. It's twenty quid!!

This harkens straight back to the £20 box sets of my youth.

You and a mate pitch in a tenner each and voila . . .you are in!

#2. It contains dice!!

Yep dice. . . . genius!

As a 12 year old kid would you have known where to have bought dice?

Exactly! And with board games becoming a rarity in the home kids today do not have the option of raiding their box of 'snakes and ladders'.

Add to that the fact that the rule book has a ruler on the back and it's all there!

#3. The miniatures are two to five bit kits.

Push fit would have been more ideal but come on look at the two piece Blood Reaver kit.

It looks great. . . . .

And the instruction booklet is super simple to follow.

#4. The miniatures yield great results for minimal effort.

Below are the results 16 hours after I bought them . . . .

The longest part of this was waiting for the PVA glue on the bases to dry and the odour from the primer to wear off!

I am not a fan of the Stormcast aesthetic  (but it is growing on me!) but there is no denying the great results beginners and kids can get with these.

The 'Retributor' below was painted by my 8 year old son.

That's 2 coats of dry brushing and an ink wash!

I did the edge highlighting with silver but the donkey work was done by him.

The Chaos forces are more complex to paint but are still only 3 colours and some edge highlighting.

#4. 2' by 2' scenarios.

Copyright of GW
The first two of the four 'battle plans' included in the booklet use a 2' by 2' board.

The second two use a  4' by 2' board . . . .

That's EXACTLY the size of your average dining table . . . GENIUS!

And the scenarios do not require terrain.

#5. Age of Sigmar Skirmish!

A little while back I picked up this. . . .

It's an entire skirmish ruleset and campaign for £6 !!!!!

I did a quick count up and the Stromcasts add up to 28 renown while the Khornite forces add up to 17 renown.

Therefore you buy an additional £10 box of 3 Blood warriors and your ready to rock with AoS Skirmish!

Copyright GW

Now your playing 'proper' sized games of AoS and your able to compete at your local gaming store without the need for 50 miniatures. . . . YET!!

My lad and I will probably play the 'Storm of Sigmar' battleplans over the half term and I will blog what I think but so far I am very impressed with this little box of goodness.


  1. Nice idea and price-point, but I still can't stand the current aesthetics GW have gone with for both the Stormcast or their fantasy Khorne sculpts. Their fiery dwarves are also bloody silly looking. Good thing I'm sticking with their sci-fi setting.

    1. The price point is great and the whole box is geared towards entry into the hobby.

      As to the AoS aesthethic I am slowly warming to it's OTT, 1980's heavy metal album cover feel. . . even the Stormcasts are starting to have their charm. Sorry man but I am starting to like it. I'm even thinking about using the Bloodreavers and warriors as chaos warriors and marauders in an 8th edition Chaos army for our next campaign!

      The Ur-dwarves are just ridiculas but the 'air pirate dwarves look ok(ish) to me. . . . Sorry!

    2. Okay, yeah - I meant those silly firey ones. The airship dwarves look far better, though rather World of Warcraft don't you think?

    3. I agree but there is blurred lines between gw and wow all through their races.

  2. Heavens, your son paints better than I do, very impressive. Am afraid that while I agree with you that its a great idea and affordable, its too late for me. GW wont be getting me back on board sadly and as Dai said the aesthetic rubs me the wrong way. Look forward to reading your thoughts on the games though, cheers for posting :-)

    1. My lad does have a light touch with the brush which really helped with the overall standard. Had to laugh when he stuck his tongue out when painting like I do!

      I am warming to the aesthetic and am looking forward to painting all the different warbands of Shadespire . . . . sorry!!


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