Monday, 28 August 2017

Warhammer Fantasy , 2000 point throw down!

Last week Lee and I had a chance to meet up at Lano's to have a 2000 point throw down!

With the four generals of the Badlands scattered to the four winds during the summer break Lee and I decided to try out something new.

Our next campaign will see the four of us play a campaign in the desolation that was previously Solland.

Phil, Lee and I will be playing Imperial forces while Lano has opted for Vampires!

With this in mind Lee wanted to play test a new Imperial army list while I was desperate to get some practise in with my 'Hunter' list for the Badlands campaign.

Only one thing for it . . . . FIGHT . . . . . FIGHT . . . . . . . . FIGHT! 

I decide to go with a strong right flank with all my fastest moving units while holding the centre with my Ironguts and Ironblaster.

First turn and the Imperial guns open up on my flanking forces. The Yhetees are decimated!

I fail to notice how close the Empire Greatswords are and they crash in on my Mournfangs!

They are swiftly joined by the Imperial General on his Warbeast.

I make the mistake of trying to kill the General rather then chewing on the Greatswords and attempting to win the melee on combat resolution.

In the centre the Imperial Steam tank and my Ironblaster have been having a snowball fight with neither side able to dispatch their counterpart.

Lee decides to charge in his Knights with the tank in support.

Thankfully this leaves the tank within charge range of my Ironguts who charge in with reckless abandon.

Lee then passes everyone of his EIGHT,  4+ armour saves!!!!!

The Ironguts have to content themselves with giving the Steam tank crew tinnitus!!!!

Despite being on the verge of destruction my Ironblaster shows the Ironguts how it's done and rips into the Imperial knights!

What should have happened was the Ironguts boil through the Steam tank and overrun into this combat to fight again, wiping out the White Wolves and overrunning again into the Knights behind and collapsing the centre!!

Oh well the best laid plans of 'dice and men', and all that :0(

I was so disconsolate with this turn of events I forgot to take any photos of the combat between my Stonehorn and the overrunning Imperial forces on my right flank before it is killed.

I spent bloody ages painting it as well!!!!!

Lee has done a great job of stifling my planned charge on the right as it should have been absolutely devastating against the Imperial gunline.

With the Ogre Stonehorn taken care of the Imperial General is free to fly to the rescue of the Imperial centre!

Once again the Ironguts fail to crush the Empire Steam tank. I think I might be buying one of these for the upcoming campaign as I know Phil also has one in the pipe line ;0)

The Empire Spearmen commit to the melee to tip the balance.

Despite fighting on three sides the Ironguts manage to pull down the Imperial General and his mount as well as making a sizable dent into the Imperial spears but that bloody tank will not crumble!

Over on my right the Imperial Greatswords continue their rampage.

Despite the killing of the Imperial General and reforming to face the spears I fail to win the combat and my Ironguts flee the field despite being 'stubbon'!!

At first I thought the game had been a bit of a white wash but after discussing the game with Lano and Lee (and looking at the photos afterwards) I was persuaded that the game was no where near as one sided as I had feared with the survival of the Steam tank in the initial exchange tipping the balance in Lee's favour.

Got to love 8th edition WHF.

Hopfully we are back in the Badlands soon as winter is coming!


  1. Good stuff. Everyone's turning to Empire? Where's the Chaos love?

    1. I do love the OTT aesthethic of the Chaos forces but there is no way I can invest in another WHF army . . . YET ;0)


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