Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Legends of the Old West. The return of the Duke!

I had two choices Tuesday . . . . Go into work one day early to get myself sorted for the new academic year OR play little soldiers?

Easy choice really!!!!

After the mauling of the Duke's previous warband he had spent the time on the run collecting all sorts of desperado's to implement his revenge.

Tell Earp the Duke was set to return to 'Mare Street' and Death was riding with him!

Once again we decide to kick off with a 'High noon' shootout.

Both posse's close the distance at full clip.

Kris starts to seperate his posse. One of the vigilantes makes a break for a rooftop vantage point.

With Kris only having six members in his posse due to paying out when it come to equipping them I decide to single out the lone wolf with the majority of my warband before kris can rush additional Lawmen over to support him.

As an added bonus the seperated vigilante is armed with a high powered shotgun!

The Duke raises his repeating rifle to his shoulder and uses his full quota of 'fame' to ensure it is a killing blow!

The remaining Lawdogs unload on the closest outlaws to revenge their comrade.

Two desperado's crumble under the cannoncade of lead!

The Lawmen win 'the drop' and move into cover. Knowing he has the advantage of shoting first, Kris knows I will have to enter and killing ground before them and then endure another barrage of lead before I can return fire and have my revenge.

My posse stride into the killing ground but before the Lawmen can gun them down one of my 'Kids' uses his fame to scream 'FIRE' and all outlaws within six inches get to shoot first!

I go all in with my 'fame' during the shooting in order to cause as much carnage as possible but as the smoke clears only a single Lawman has been felled!

Thankfully only one Outlaw is dropped in the return fire.

This turn I win 'the drop' and with all their guns empty, my surviving outlaws charge the Sherriff!!

The rest of the Lawmen rush to his rescue and a mass brawl erupt's in the middle of the street!

With a homicidal glint in his eye the 'Rowdy' Dude bursts from hiding and fires his sawn off shotgun into the mass brawl, engulfing members of both posses in the blast!

Somehow all the Outlaws survive this indescriminate blasting into the melee but only one Lawmen falls to the shotgun blast!

Shocked by the actions of the nutcase 'Dude' all the protagonists in the brawl fail to drop their opponent's and seperate to catch their breath.

With both posse's numbers falling below 50% this turn, 'the drop' is now of paramount importance as whoever wins the drop from now on will be required to take a 'Head for the hills' test! 

Kris wins the drop and tests his pluck . . . . . . A roll of double one means the Lawmen, shocked by the wanton disregard for life by the Outlaws scream the retreat and bolt for the back table edge to lick their wounds.

The Duke has his revenge!

During the post game injury rolls both my kids roll 'multiple wounds' and with dread I will need to roll five times for each 'Kid' on the injury table!

Bill comes off the worse when he manages to lose both an eye and his shotgun when he is 'robbed' while lying wounded in the street!

To be continued. . . . . .


  1. So much fun, looking forward to the next instalment.

    1. Thanks man. Back to work now so it could be a while to the next one.

  2. Wow, action packed event!

    That shotgun was a serious loss. How else will we get that cool blast graphic in your reports!?

    1. Thanks.

      Thankfully we are both getting a lot loser with our game play and are more willing to take risks rather then everyone ducking behind cover from the second turn and bunking down. It makes for much more fun games.
      As for the lost shotgun. . . . . We have LOTS of shotguns!

  3. Robbed of his shotgun while lying in the street! What kind of frontier town is this? :-) Good decision to stay at home and play a game by way- (watch out I am about to gloat) First year in 27 I've not had to prepare to go back to school....sweet :-)

    1. It's the kind of town where is eye may still have been attached to it's socket when they found him lying there!

      Glad someone does not have to do any prep before returning to the classroom.

    2. Nearly Riot, I opted for early retirement due to mental duffness so won't be going anywhere near a classroom ever again...... and relax :-)


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