Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Legends of the Old West. Back to Dodge City!

With the Summer hols in full swing my brother and I got a chance to meet up for a game of 'Legends of the Old West'.

We tried to fly through a full campaign. We failed but squeezed at least two games in.

Kicked off with two new posse's and the classic 'High Noon' scenario.

Both posse's rush towards the centre of the town to get within 'Six gun' range.

Kris went for more chaff with this posse and brought along more vigilanties and upstanding citizens to the dance. This would prove pivotal as it would counter my usual advantage in numbers.

I decide to try to spam one side of the town and gun down the civvies to force an early moral check for the Lawmen.

The vigilanties take to the roof tops to stop the bum rush and then I fall foul to the 4+ shooting value of the Lawmen.

As the distance closes between the posses, the streets are filled with lead and both sides 'fan the hammer' with abandon.

On the right I finally manage to get to grips with the Lawdogs 'chaffs'.

Unfortunately my 'Toughs' just bounce off the citizens!

Bolstered by this success the citizens roll up their sleeves and pitch into the Toughs and pistol whip them  unconscious!

The last of my Outlaws is gunned down in an alley like the dog he is!!

At the end of the game the Lawdogs walk away from the shootout unscathed thanks to the post game rolls.

I lose two henchmen in the post game rolls and now being on the back foot I decide to rob the 'Mare Street' bank in order to get back in the game!

The board is reset with a bank located in the middle of the table!

With my Bank still in pieces in my 'cupboard of doom' we sub out the Sheriff office as a proxy.

As the fine townsfolk of 'Mare Street' go about their daily business several 'ne'er-do-wells' are seen loitering near the bank entrance!

The scenario has a great little side rule where the winner of the drop gets to control the movement of D3 civilians.

This will be used for all sorts of shernanigans during the game.

Suddenly several hoodlums burst into the busy street carrying bags of swag!

Unfortunatley anyone carrying the bags of swag are reduced to half movement.

Attracted by the clamour, several Lawmen rush towards the Bank to investigate!

In order to give the 'kids' time to escape the rest of the outlaws take to the rooftops to create a killing field.

The plan is to overwhelm the split forces of the law and drag the swag off the table as soon as possible.

As the law dogs dive for cover several Outlaws are gunned down in the return volleys of lead!

The leader of the Outlaws jumps from the rooftop and hopes to delay the pursuing Lawmen long enough for the Kids to escape.

The Duke is boxed in by fleeing civilians and bolts into the construction yard to find an escape route.

Unfortunately despite the 5 up cover save awarded by the semi completed building The Duke is gunned down in a cannoncade of lead!!

The Kids continue their headlong scramble for the table edge and freedom.

The Kids rush into cover of a log cabin and take a deep breath before the final plunge into the open ground and possible escape!

With the Lawdogs closing fast the Kids make their break for freedom!!

Gunfire erupts across the narrow gap!

The first of the Kids falls and drops his bag of swag!

In the tipping point of the game Kris wins 'the drop' when we cut the cards and the rest of the Lawmen rush towards the fray!

The Kids only have to make it to the bushes to escape!!

Inches from freedom the two final Kids are gunned down!


My misery goes from bad to worse when I lose another two outlaws in the post game rolls.

In another example of the narrative writing itself, one of my Kids 'Bill' is captured and sets up the next game.

Now I just need to decide if I will break him from jail or wait to rescue him from the hanging platform a la Clint Eastwood in 'Hang 'Em High'?


  1. Superb! I really do enjoy these games and the board set up is just amazing.

    1. Thanks man. One more game to go in this campaign.

  2. Great fun to read Riot, always love catching up on the Wild West, cheers for posting :-)

    1. Thanks man. One more game to go in this campaign.


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