Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. More Sepulchral Guard and some Western town folk!

Been chipping away at the pile of grey shame this week and despite the early nights have got some bits done.

Below are the 'Sepulchral guard' as they currently stand.

Only the 'Warden' to go and he should be finished by Monday.

Below is the 'Prince of Dust'.

Decided to use blue as their unifying colour but anyone with royal connotations has been given a splash of purple to help them stand out.

With the 'Harvester' below I ended up doing a little conversion work.

This was not intended but somehow I managed to cut his arm off as I was clipping him from the sprues!!!

This meant I had to dip into my box of skellie bits to resurrect him (pun intended).

With the Shadespire warbands mostly completed I decided to line them up for a group shot.

Not the best quality picture in the world but it does give me a spur to get the lot finished before the Skaven come out in the new year.

While having the odd ten minutes here and there or waiting for ink washes to dry I also managed to knock out two more town folk for 'Lago', my Wild west railhead town.

First up Dr. Ned

At first he was going to be ginger but once I saw his resemblance to Ned Flanders he had to have the matching brown hair.

He even got an embossed Dr's bag.

 The reporter also got finished up.

This now means both Kris and I can use a reporter to increase our posse's 'fame' if we can afford their services.

Talking of Lago, a little 'black Friday' package from 4ground turned up in the post this week ;0)

Looks like Lago is on the grow.

Now the numbers:

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 278

Miniatures bought 147

274 miniatures to go

For the first time in a long time I have painted more figures then there are miniatures in my pile of grey shame.

I might just have broken the back of my hobby pile!


  1. Riot, the skeletons look fantastic, brilliant.

    1. Thanks man. They have been really fun to paint.

  2. Beautifully done! The wood grain on the haft of the scythe is ace, and the doc and reporter look fantastic!

    1. Blimey talk about noticing the little things with the wood grain!

      The wild west folk are only painted to a table top, NPC standard but were really fun to paint.

  3. Those skeletons look awesome mate...Good going getting all those shade spire minis painted your a machine!

    1. Cheers man. With a max warband size of seven I am finding it easier to focus down on a warband and get them finished.

  4. Goodness mate, you've been busy and it all looks great!

    That doc reminds me of the one from Deadwood.

    1. Thanks man I might have finally broken the back of my 'pile of grey shame'.

      Have to confess I have only watched one episode of Deadwood but it is on my binge watch list.


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