Sunday, 26 November 2017

SAGA. Sacred ground, Warmachine: Company of Iron and Shadespire!

This Friday saw Macca and I continue our SAGA campaign.

This battle would see us play the 'Sacred ground' scenario, fielding 6 point armies.

This battle field is set and thankfully there are only 3 bits of terrain . . . . .

The problem is I will need to be occupying them in order to score points.

I bloody hate 'the sons of Dana' ability!

I know this scenario is going to be an uphill swim for Vikings from the off but I march forward and gather myself 4" away from the hills.

Macca is already on the hills and scoring points!

The next turn I do not get the die needed to really make a devastating attack and decide to camp for another turn.

This allows Macca to move even MORE Irish onto the hills!

At this point (turn 4) Macca is 37 points to nil ahead!!

With it being turn 5 and the game slipping from my fingers I have to advance!

I move both units of Hirdmen onto the hills and bring the remainder of my forces to the bottom of the hills.

Macca pounces on my exposed Hirdmen and evicts them from the hill.

I decide now is the time to strike and my Warlord launches into the Irish axemen with his Bondi in support.

The Axemen are massacred and I am sorely tempted to attempt an assasination run on the exposed Irish Warlord.

Having used all my abilities to clear the hill of the Irish Axemen I decide to not chance the extra casualties and claim the points instead.

This does force Macca to flee the first hill.

My plan is finally playing out but have I left it too late?

I also move up in force onto the second hill.

Thankfully I have managed to score 32 points in the last two turns but Macca remains in the lead by 38 points!

Pretty much the same amount of points he acquired in the first three turns!

The Irish Warriors attempt to force the Vikings from the hill. . . .

 . . . . However it is the Irish who are forced to retreat to the edge of the hill!

However Macca does have more success on the first hill and my Warlords body guard are sent packing!

In a desperate attempt to keep scoring, my Hirdmen attack the recently victorious Irish and use careful positioning to stop the Irish taking advantage from their superiour numbers.

This helps tip the balance and once again the Irish are forced to flee from the first hill.

My Warlord cuts his losses and double moves to the second hill and away from danger!

In the final turn Macca plays the scenario rules perfectly and just moves his Irish onto the hills without engaging my Vikings.

This means he is the runaway winner as I have failed to inflict enough casualties to stop Macca scoring enough points at this point.

Macca walks away the deserving winner despite my overwhelming numbers at the end.

Macca made his early lead count and by the end it was too big a gap to close.

And now the woods stink of pee thanks to those bloody 'Dags' camping in them for 8 turns!!😉

While Macca and I were kicking lumps out of each other the rest of the lads were throwing down with Warmachine 'Companies of Iron'.

There seemed to be a lot of 'blue on blue' violence!

Increase the peace man!

After the 'Biscuit' Shaggy of 'Shaggy Wargaming' fame and I headed back to mine for a game of Shadespire.

Apparently this is on Shaggy's Christmas list now so hopefully I will have another play mate for Shadespire!

Shaggy took command of the Stormcasts and we played with the set card decks.

Shaggy walked away the two - nil winner and seemed to enjoy himself. . . . . ESPECIALLY when I failed to hit Obryn on four dice, with a support!

His smile got even bigger when he realised he could now 'one shot' Saek now he had wounded himself for the attack boost!

Next meeting at the 'Creative Biscuit' will be on the 15th of December.


  1. The Saga campaign looks like seriously good fun and that mat really helps to set the scene.

    1. Thanks man but pails in comparison to that great looking 'Congo' game I have just seen on your blog.

  2. Great report Riot, bad luck though, can't trust the Irish :-) or their Dags

    1. Thanks man.

      Might have to invest in an updated warband when the Mk.2 rule book is released ;0)


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