Sunday, 19 November 2017

Warhammer Underworlds, Shadespire Orruk, 'Basha'.

Just the one chip from the 'cupboard of doom' today.

I LOVE Orcs!

Especially when they look like this.

The trouble is I am red / green colour blind so I need periods of really good sunlight in order to paint them. Especially as I love Orcs with snot green skin and contrasting red armour! To make things even more complicated I cannot see shades of yellow, mostly it just looks white.

Unfortunately great sunshine was not forthcoming last weekend so only the one figure got finished.

To give you some idea of what I mean look at the circle below . . . .

Now depending on the light I can see nothing (like now), seven, three or four.

Now I know I should see a seven but I really can't.

So picking a colour scheme which is green, red and yellow was probably not a great idea ;0)

Anyway here are the numbers:

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 253

Miniatures bought 147
299 miniatures to go 


  1. Now, considering your disability, you've done a bloody good job painting that green/red/yellow. I really like the new look orcs as well - just so brutal looking.

    1. Never considered it a disability it's just a pain in the arse some times. I am warming to the AoS aesthetic, it's like Warhammer on steroids!

    2. No mate, just the orcs. Those sigmar folks and over-the-top khorne sculpts are still silly

    3. Sorry man. The more I paint this stuff the more I am liking it. It is so OTT it's like painting the cover of a 80's heavy metal rock album.

  2. Under the circumstances you've done a brilliant job!

    1. Thanks man. The Skellies are up next so I will use lots of browns and blues to make my life easier ;0)

  3. I think he looks spot on, sorry not intended, smashing model beautifully painted. I see 7 by way :-)

    1. Thanks man. When your mate doctored that photo and gave you green hair I had no idea.

      Nice pun by the way ;0)


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