Monday, 11 September 2017

Blood in the Bad lands. Week 15. What's so civil about war anyway?

This Sunday with none of Lee's or my armies directly contesting any of the Blood in the Badlands tiles we decided to have an Empire show down in preperation for the ''reconquest of Solland' campaign.

1500 points of Empire it is then . . . .

Both armies deploy and I decide to go with a strong right flank.

Despite finishing deploying first Lee wins the roll to see who will go first.

This will result in the decimation of my block of Halberdiers as Lee's Mortor scores a direct hit!!

Thankfully when Lee's Reikguard crash into my Demigryphs. . . . .

 . . . .  they flee after only one round of combat despite their being 'stubbon'.

Lee was not impressed!

Thinking I have the game in the bag I charge my Reiksguard into a detatchment of Handgunners. Despite slaughtering them I fail to finish them all off. This allows the survivors to use the Greatswords stubbon ability and leadership to hold the line!

My Demigryphs continue their rampage up the right flank and revenge my Halberdiers when they destroy Lee's mortar!

The rest of my forces inch forward.

With my Knights unable to clear the Handgunners from their path they become stalled.

This allows the dreaded Greatswords to come crashing into their flank!

Lee's Spearmen stare down my Demigryphs.

Not content with gunning down my Outriders Lee's outriders then decide to block my Halberdiers from supporting my Knights!

Thankfully my Halderdiers charge in and make short work of the Outriders and my supporting handgunners run them down as they turn to flee.

With their path clear the Halderdiers charge up in support of my Knights!

This proves to be the tipping point as I manage to make my weight of numbers tell and the Greatswords are run from the field with their supporting detatchment of handgunners following close behind.

Lee salvages some pride when his Spearmen run my Demigryphs from the field!

That's a lot of dead Empire!

Could it be portents of things to come in the upcoming campaign?

Over on the other table Lano and Phil were going at it hammer and tongs, contesting a tile of the Badlands!

With the end game in sight Lano is setting out to send a message to the other generals.

Last week saw him wreck Lee's hordes of Orks with a barrage of magic while this week saw him bring the Skaven Grey Seer to his knee's with an Elven horde!

Very little was left of the Skaven forces by the end.

With this being the last round of shenanigans before the final battle next week I made an aggressive land grab and rapidly expanded my borders.

This nearly pays off when the Flying fastness briefly resides within my territory before finally landing in Elven lands!

We all make our final tallys of relics, key locations, fortifications and mines and it turns out that the landing of the flying fastness in Elven territroy gives Lano enough of a lead on 45 relics to see him defending the Fastness for the final game. I end up in second place on thirty seven relics!!

This is mostly due to my prolific building during the campaign with what the other Generals have dubbed 'the Great wall of Ogre'!

It does seem only fitting that the only real force for good in the Badlands should be holding off the forces of Destruction from trying to take the Fastness.

Roll on the end game . . . . WINTER IS HERE!!!!!!!!!


  1. That was a good dust up and wow, you lads paint up Empire just loverly mate.

    1. Thanks man. Speaking personally Empire were my first 'big' army so I went to town on them.

      Truth is playing against the lads I do you have to go all out painting your armies to match their brilliant efforts!


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