Saturday, 29 July 2017

Back from the land of the Dragon (Not Westeros but Wales).

Just returned from a caravanning holiday in Wales .

The weather was what we would call 'bracing'! so my son and I ended up inside playing a LOT of Ultramarine so it was not all bad.

At one point we even got the wife playing.

Little fella was adept with the event cards by the end of the week and would often hit me with 'triple whammys'!

Now back home and having a break in the weather I have some chips from the lead mountain to present.

First up my Ogre Kingdoms BSB.

It is a kit bash of various GW and Titan forge bits.

Second up is my completed 'Hunter' from the Icewind Assault box set.

I will be using him as a 'Lore of Beasts' Slaughter master in the Blood in the Badlands campaign.

I also finished up this Titan Forge cauldron as a bit of a speed paint.

Lano and I have been snapping these up cheap on eBay to use as Cauldrons of boiling oil for our siege games.

I will also use mine as unit fillers as they also fit the Ogre theme.

Finally some Gnobblars I sort of finished by accident while waiting for various ink washes and such to dry.

Off to have a mooch around BOYL tomorrow so expect a photo dump of mad cap photos in the upcoming days.

Now the numbers

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 188

Miniatures bought 104
334 miniatures to go!


  1. Just got back from the same place and my word it was wet this year! Looks like you used your time wisely though.

    1. Yer it was wet. I have just had the webbing removed from between the kids toes!

  2. Great stuff love the Ogres and the cauldron looks spot on :-) Wales, home of my forefathers and frogs.

  3. That's one part of growing up in Wales that I don't miss, especially adding in the wind off the Irish sea. >_<

    How'd you end up with such a handsome offspring? Must be down to his mum. (Not that I can claim otherwise either. :P)

    New ogres look solid mate, that hunter looks especially badarse. I expect him to have lots of new elvish scalps added to his belt int he near future.

    And Gnoblars painted!!?? Now they will fail at everything in life...

    1. The little fella definately has his mother to thank for his good looks ;0)

      Ended up in in Tenbury which we loved (when we could get out of the Caravan)!

      The Ogres have a 3000 point, Storm of Magic game this weekend so I should be able to have all my new toys on the table. Got to be honest I REALLY want to crush Phil's Skaven but he could be fielding over 200 rats on the day!!!!!

      As for the Gnobblars . . . . . They are now doomed!!!!

    2. Tenbury, or Tenby? Cos if Tenby, then that's where I went to school. :)

    3. Sorry man I meant Tenby. We loved it. The 9 hour drive to get there was not fun but we loved the place itself.

    4. It's a pretty part of the country for sure. I spent my formative years in Saundersfoot and Tenby prior to moving to Norwich and then the US.

      Nice place to visit, Pembrokeshire, but not to live as a young person who did not (And still doesn't) enjoy an outdoors lifestyle.

    5. It's certainly a lovely place to visit. I can imagine as a teenager it would get real small, real quick.


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