Friday, 20 June 2014

Why I will never complain about Games Workshop prices again!

So I bought my monthly quota of minis for June.

A box of GW 40k Ork boyz and a box of Privateer press Gun mages.

I guess the clue should have been the pirate flag on the Warmachine packaging as I do feel like I have been held up at gun point!

The box of GW Orkz RRP £18, minus Miniature Empire 20%  GW discount = £14.40. Then I sell the spare odds and sods on Ebay for a £5 return (after postage, final value fees etc have been deducted). So that works out at £14 - £5 divided by 10 = 90p a figure. Thats a cracking price!

The privateer press Gun mages RRP £24 divided by 6 = £4 per figure. There are no spares left over to sell on and as they will be painted in Highborn colours their resell value will be minimal!

If you want to be super beardy with your army list, then your going to have to pay through the nose for the privillage. But as the "4 gamers" has taught me, you can get really tactical, exciting, worthwhile games out of a core force which will cost you peanuts per figure.

Yes the PP mercenary Gargantuan has caught my eye but at 80 quid my question needs to be, do I really need it and do I want to play against someone who would field it in a 30 point army list?

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