Saturday, 14 June 2014

Fantasy Skies, fantasy ariel combat Table top game

So last night Madan from the Ilford gaming club introduced us to "Fantasy skies", a game he has personally designed and developed.

Madan proceeds to roll out a gaming mat showing an ariel view of some country side, some clouds (which provide cover, and a myriad of gorgous (and mostly converted) ariel warships for us to pilot.

An axis of Evil quickly forms of Russel, Raven, and Frank. While the forces of goodness (?) are captained by Ed, George and I.

We each get a ship from a different faction and I end up with an Empire Warship. Come on!

Ed (Elves) (left), Me (Empire) (centre) and George (undead) (right), head towards the axis of Evil

We all start by heading towards the centre of the table desperately trying to judge the wind (which effects your speed) and bring our guns into range.

Russel (Orcs) charges forward and opens up on the Elves with his forward batteries. WAARGHH!!!!

Fires on an Airship. That can't be good.
Russel has the advantage of the wind and races ahead of his allies. George and I try to manoeuvre our ships to take best advantage of the wind direction and assist Ed before he becomes a flying Bar - B - Que.

"Quick turn to Port" says George, "This is no time for a drink" says I.
Thankfully Frank and Raven are flying into the wind and are reduced to quarter speed. Can we whallop Russel before the rest turn up?

I finally start to get my head round the whole wind thing and manage to get my Airship up to full speed, bring my guns into range and blast away at the Orcs. George opens up with his trebuchets to add to the carnage

Russel wisely dives into the cloud for extra cover as the rest of the axis of evil turn up to join the party.

Russel takes MORE damage and fires burn rampant all over his ship. He loses several repair crews to the fires and we figure he will be going down with his ship soon.

fires on a wooden ship, that can't be good!

The other Orc ship charges in to help, and promptly takes a series of broad sides.

George brings his undead into range and opens fire on Raven. A roll of 100, causes all sorts of carnage on board his ship and so the fires begin.

Ed's Elves are forced to retire, Russel's Orcs are busy accelerating towards the ground at 240mph, I have one point of Hull left before my ship falls to pieces, frank's Orcs are a die roll away from following Russels Orcs over board and Ravens ship has at least 6 fires on board (at least it must be nice and warm!).

With only George mostly unscathed the Axis of evil conceed and a good time was had by all.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the experience, and the game mechanics were really easy to get to grips with (we were all mostly up to speed by the 3rd turn), and never got in the way of causing carnage. 

It turns out Madan is a play tester for Warlord Hail Ceasar & Mantic Kings of War and this gaming experience certainly showed.

Got to be honest, looking forward to the next game!

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