Friday, 6 June 2014

Blood Bowl. Damn the Gentlemen of the Realm.

Alister has become a bit of a Blood bowl fanatic and so we played a game this Thurs.


I kick off and plonk the ball smack in the middle of Al's line.

Al collects the ball and makes charges down both flanks. I go strong down the left and plan to use my catchers to tie up the opposing blockers with tackles .

I go stompy of the left and try to channel the Gentlemen into the centre of the pitch to create a bottle neck.

I go in heavy against Sumo Sam but the asian sensation refuses to go quietly and my roll of double one sees two of my boys off to the stunned box.

I try to sandwich Al's left wingers to stall out the attack.......

................... while boots tries to run down Chun Lee.

With pressure building on Al's kicker he decides its time to send one over the top.

A roll of double one sees Chun Lee fumble the ball from his own square. Is a reversal on the cards?

Boots collects the ball and gets the kick off to the "Green streak" but the whistle goes before he gets a chance to cross the close................ so close.


So nil - nil and I'm receiving the ball. Got to fancy my chances.

I receive the ball and start legging it up the left wing. Hopefully no one will drop dead of a heart attack while sprinting this week!

I go blocker heavy at the front and decide to force my way up the left flank by fair means or foul.

Then it is my turn to suffer at the hands of the Dice Maidens as I roll a six on the sprint and my blitzer heads for the injury box, dropping the ball in the process.

In a series of disastrous rolls I see my Orcs dropping like flies as Al claims one scalp after another.

With only 4 Orcs left on the field I send the ball over the top and just hope to run down the clock.

No such luck as my Blocker is brought down and Al runs in the only touch down of the game to claim the win.

Well played Al.

Showing he's a coach after my own heart Al takes great pride in fulling my dug out with wounded!

I think I am going to need a bigger stunned box for next game!!


1) Al loves the up and under. I am going to have to either krunch the catchers as they bolt for the holes or break through the line and break Al's kicker deep in his own half.

2) Might be time to resurrect my 5 - 4 -2 formation from my 3rd edition games. It might leave me more vunerable at the front, but will stop the runners and maybe allow the blockers to break through and get to Chun Lee.


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