Sunday, 22 June 2014

Warmachine. How does 15 points take 3 hours!

Play Ed............. thats how!

So popped into the Mini Empire for secret Sunday gaming club. I was at the dump at 8am this morning and also cleaned the car inside and out so I figured I deserved it.

Ed was in attendance with his Retribution forces and I had never played against them so we set up 15 points.

I go with what I think will be my core force from now on.

Gun Mages
Gorman or some other 2 point solo.

Ed set up his bits and pieces opposite.

I cast Quicken on the mages and race them into the woods. I figure they have half a chance on defence 19!

Ed's Snipers on the right start to plug away at the Mule's steam cannon.

I move Gorman up to protect the Mule from further damage. And make my first mistake. By placing the mule within the cloud effect the snipers are still able to pop him off! I should have left it completely on the other side. I wanted to force the snipers out of the woods and make them a more viable target. Maybe next time!

With the Mules gun disabled, both my Jacks charge Ed's heavy Jack and proceed to whale away!

My Mages break cover and I hope to roll some Critical brutals!

No such luck this time but the Light Jacks move across to help out in the various combats. In order to preserve my Jacks and put some pressure on Ed's caster I pop my feat.

we see you!
 Both Mage open up but only one scores the critical. My dice rolling has been atrocious throughout the game! I decide to follow this through, when the die do not go your way, just keep rolling!

We can't hit a barn door, but at least we look cool!

Gorman lets loose with the black oil. My mule gets wrecked and my Vanguard goes for a flying lesson! 

But finally Ashlynn gets stuck in.

The Vanguard recovers and wrecks the Retribution light Jack. The retribution snipers finally break cover and Gorman gives one an Acid bath while Ashlynn pops off the other one.

  I decide to run Ashlynn out of combat and try to coax Ed into finishing this once and for all. He opens fire with his heavy Jack and then his Caster to finally end the pain.

the blur in the photo was just me losing the will to focus!
So game over (finally). Believe it or not that took 3 hours of game play!


1) To benefit the full effects of a cloud effect you need to be on the other side of it. This would have meant my Steam lobber would have lasted at least another turn and offered me some other options tactically.

2) Gorman is a vulture best left in the back and popping out to snipe away at targets before you hit them with the big hitters. Loved to have seen what would have happened of he had lasted long enough to hit Ed's caster with Black oil.

3) Black oil is a nightmare for my opponents and I need to make more use of this!

4) I need to focus throughout the game. Not everyone plays at the same pace. Ed is obviously more of a thinker then me.

5) Ashlynns "quick draw" is best suited against Jacks as it does not take effect unless she hits the target.

6) As Lano said, Warmachine is a game for Dickheads! and Ed is a natural at the game ;0)

This Friday we are having a Warmachine night and a 20 odd point game of mangled metal is on the cards. I think we are going to have to put Ed on a timer!

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