Friday, 6 June 2014

Bolt Action Pegasus Bridge. MEGC D - Day Anniversary commemoration

So I had a couple of hours free today so I knocked up a fabulous 28mm version of the Pegasus bridge to......................................

OK thats bull. George McCreight has been working on a 28mm scale model of the Bolt Action Pegasus Bridge set.

He has been posting regular WIP photos HERE and we had the big reveal today.

And what a reveal!! 

The board is completely scratch built and involved George dumpster diving at 6 in the morning!

I only got to photograph Lano's Japanese trying to take the bridge from Georges Paras but the photos look amazing.

wow thats a big bridge!
a bridge to far?

Lanos forces assemble. Damon photo bombs the photo with his tank
so we stay hidden behind this wall right?
this way fellas. Lanos forces assembled and painted in under 7 hours!

Stand to boys. Georges Paras prepare to hold their ground.

As long as they don't look up we will be fine.


well that went well Lano
one nil, one nil, one nil

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