Saturday, 21 June 2014

Introducing the Rioteers!. 40K orks of fortune

Introducing the Rioteers.

A group of Fun loving, cut throats on leave from Algae world (but thats another story). They have spent all their teef on wine, women, song and regrettable tattoos. Now they need to earn their fare home before they are declared AWOL.

So a while back Damon set a challenge on the MEGC forum. 

Design a table top game which could be played within an hour using miniatures we can buy instore at the Miniature Empire.

I was inspired by an old 2000AD, Johnny Alpha story (possibly) called "The Killing".

Essentially it is a 5 man (alien, blob, droid, care bear) team game where several players play simultaneously and you collect bounties on each others players. One with the most cash at the end wins.

Anyone who has seen my Bloodbowl Team knows I love an Ork! I would love an Ork army (especially with the new codex) but the thought of them all falling out during a critical point in the game is just one heart break I could do without.

So with my prototype game in mind the first thing I did was reach for a box of 40K Ork boyz. I have always thought Orks are like those fellas you see on the BBC news in civil conflicts. They normally ride up on Toyota flat beds with a 50. caliber anti aircraft gun welded on the back, armed to the teeth with AK47's, machetes and all sorts of other weapons banned by the Geneva convention and proceed to rob the nearest UN or UNICEF food truck.

I was struggling for a look until I flicked through some old White Dwarfs and come across this.......


The new Orks capture that quasi military feel perfectly. To emphersize this quasi military feel I copied the cover above and painted all the Rioteers in Khaki clothes and tan leather webbing. If I get time I will go back and add a tiger stripe cammo.

Their guns remind me of WW1 Maxim guns so have gone with more brass to accentuate this vintage feel.

The medic is a Kromlech sculpt and was an absolute pleasure to assemble and paint (I wish all resin minis were this nice).

The Grenadier is a simple conversion of a head swap from the "Storm boyz" box and a grenade swapped for a missle that was originally sticking out of the launcher. Stuck on the bag of grenades and a pistol / grenade combo onto the belt and job done. LOVE IT!

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