Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Warmachine. The rebellion strike back

So played my third game of Warmachine last night.

It was a rematch against Alister and his renegades.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera so no photos this time.

My Mule was an early casualty, taking damage from the mariner and its superior range. This time I charged my Steelheads straight up the middle (no silly flank attack this time), but made the mistake of bunching them up just before launching my attack on Al's Renegades. Al saw the opportunity and seized it with both hands (or rather both renegades) and opened fire with both barrels to clear the field of all of my Steelheads!

The good news was at least Al could not pull off the same trick he did last game to finish off my caster. I saw this as the opportunity to move Ashlynn closer to the action. Eiryss pluged the Mangler with a disruptor bolt and then both my Nomads charged in the finish off the mangler with the boosted damage attacks from the charge (plus a focus boost). 

That saw the end of the action as we agreed to only play 3 turns and I edged the win with a narrow points victory due to destroying Al's Mangler.


1) I am definately going with a mercenary force. It will have a cool rag tag feel to it compared to my more unified Blood Bowl and Empire forces.

2) I'm happy with the way I forced Al's hand to open fire with both Renegades. This denied him his assassination attempt and to be honest he seemed a little stuck for ideas after this happened.

3) I really need to work out the best way to use Ashlynn's feat. I have seen several games at the MEGC emphatically decided by playing a feat at the most opportune moment. One particular game between Damon and Russel was decided by a 1/4 of an inch when one of them slightly mistimed their feat!!!

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