Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Warmachine, Sorscha, Commie, ice, bitch!

It's half term this week so popped in the Mini Empire for a pick up game. Fella called Jack was in attendence having a look at a play test of the new 40k rules. He had purchased the Khador Battlebox set so we set up a game of 16 points (minus casters warjack points).

Jack fielded Sorscha and 2 giant, stompy Warjacks.

I went with Ashlynn, a Mule, a Vanguard, Eiryss and Reinholdt (I had a point left over so he was an auto include).


Jack won set up. Nothing complicated in my set up. 2 Jacks in front of my Caster with the Gobbo close by, Eiryss out on the left flank in a forest.

Jack set up opposite.


We both run forward and end up playing peek a boo around a forest near the centre of the table.

Luckly the Mule gets a line of sight on the Juggernaut and sends it flying through the air. I also manage to scratch its paint work despite is AV of 20!.

Thankfully this gets it out the way of Eiryss who hits Sorscha with a disrupter bolt, depriving her of all focus immediately and for her turn next.

Jack moves forward again and I am about to come crashing in when I realise I am not going to make it through the rough terrain and despite being hit with disruption Sorscha can still pop her feat.

So close................... So close !

In a move of tactical brilliance (which some call running away), I charge in the Jacks to tie up the Khador jacks in Melee and move Ashlynn back to a superior position of observation (or run like f*@k).

Once again Eiryss is a top shot and plugs Sorscha with the disruptor bolt. (Shes behind you, the panto crowd shout!)

Jack has clearly had enough if this nonsense and walks the Juggernaught up to the pointy eared nuisance and attempts to stomp her into a bloody pulp.

I have a quick flick through the rule book but there is nothing in there about weight divisions so Eiryss is left to her fate.

Jack needs to roll a 10 or above on 2 die!

A roll of eleven leaves an elven shaped hole in the ground and at least I will not have to pay her at the end of the battle.

Sorscha takes a leaf out of my play book and legs it behind the Juggernaught (the difference is when she does it, its cowardly)

With the juggernaughts back turned I attempt to blow both figures even further back and boost the attack in the hope of rolling the critical. I fail to get the critical roll which turns out to be disastrous for the next turn!

I move Ashlynn forward and continue to tie up the Destroyer in melee.

Having finally replenishing a full quota of focus Sorscha is about to show what she does best.

I have to wait a while for Jack to put the jigsaw together but its well worth the wait.

He casted "boundless charge", followed by an actual charge, pops the feat "Icy gaze" and then proceeds to whale away with a bloody great hammer on my stationary Warcaster.

Job done!

We shake hands on a top game and the oppression continues.


1) disruption is a game winner. Eiryss is well worth her 3 points. As soon as disruption ended I was in trouble.

2) I need to make greater use of my focus. Especially in the early turns where there were no real threats. I need to get spells off sooner and then upkeep them for the remainder of the game so I have the focus when I really need it for the end game.

3) the threat range of Sorscha, fully focused up is a nightmare. I really need to watch out for that, especially as Ashlynn is a close combat specialist. If I do not finish Sorscha off in a single turn I will not last the retaliation.

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