Saturday, 17 May 2014

MEGC Spike Fans Trophy cup. Part 1

Blood bowl fever has truly hit the MEGC as its Bloodbowl league started this Friday.

Lano has taken over as commissioner (thank goodness for that) and we are kicking off with the "Spike Fans Trophy cup". 

Random rolls were made for the draw and I got stuck with Lano. Its got an added edge for me as Lano is the only member of the MEGC I have not beaten in one on one play yet!


After the experience of Monday with his Skinks shooting in left, right and centre, I try a new formation of three lines (5 - 4 - 2) which will smash any runners which try to break through. It does leave me a little vunerable at the front but with all the pushing that happens now I'm not too worried.

This seems to do the trick as Lano keeps his Skinks back behind his big fella's, so I decide to push my Blitzers forward to try to channel the skinks down Lano's right flank where I can smash them into the crowd!

It seems to be working...........

.... now time to see if I can break the little sods..............!

This seems to work as Lano lobs the ball over the top. He completely fluffs the pass and it drops close to Nigel the half orc.

Nigel runs over and picks up the ball......

Then I really cock things as in my excitement I rush my Blitzer through the gaps into an opening and then realise I can't throw the ball now!! 

And yes thats two bloody great lizards behind him. This can only go well!

Its no surprise that Nigel disappears under the trample of lizard feet and when the dust finally settles the ball pops out of the scrum which is run in by a skink.

And thats the half.

We should be playing the second half at some point over this weekend as I'm taking my Dad to the Elite masters Football tournament tomorrow at Leyton Orient and we will see how the rest of the weekend plays out.

Still despair at the lack of damage done to each other and was heard muttering "stupid bloody 3rd edition" several times, especially when a three player block resulted in a skink only being PUSHED BACK!!! and at the end of the half there was only one player in the casualty box and that was from being caught fouling another player! 

Jervis what have you done?

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