Sunday, 11 May 2014

Thats so Skaven. Warhammer Fantasy

Played a game of Warhammer on Friday against Jiri (finally found out the correct spelling of this name). We had loads of input from the various veterans in store. I won the game but the victory was a little hollow as you get swayed by the voices and then you question was it really your victory?

Any way Juri and I enjoyed ourselves so much we agreed to meet up again Sunday for a rematch. Jiri asked for a 900 point game so I asked to play 1000 points so I could play test my 1000 point force.

1000 points it is!


I am forced to deploy first and after the experience of his gutter runners on Friday set my forces in the corner leaving no room for his gutter runners to sneak in behind me. I also wanted to protect my 2nd wizard (Rags) from the 20 skirmishers Jiri fielded!

Jiri set his forces up in the opposite corner. (I'm hoping the smoking boots are a sign of things to come!).

(Porn shot)

I assign Markus to fire magic, Rags to Lore of metal and Custoras gets the fireball spell in his ring of volans.


Move forward with caution due to the profileration of gutter runners and send the out riders off to gun down one of the units while the 2 wizards target the other 2 units.

And then I roll a double six off 3 die for my FIRST spell!! Two knights disappear and Makus takes a wound, everything else proves ineffective. Well that went well!

Jiri's turn. He inches the Skaven forward and then opens up with all his magic and shooty units. I think hes a bit cautious as my units absolutely wrecked his rats when they got to grips with them on Friday.

And then....
.... his artillery open up and blow up with a large template.

Thankfully for Jiri he realises that his unit cannot move and then shoot, so with a sigh of relief he replaces the figures.

My outriders are coming off second best against the gutter runners and I think setting the outriders against them is going to prove to be a big mistake but I am commited now!

I decide its time to take the initiative. I move forward more aggressively and open up a shooting channel for Rags. I open up with fireballs, flaming cages and final transmutation to reduce the clan rats numbers and hopefully stop every unit within 12" of moving. This is mainly to Hamstring Jiri in case I fail my charges.

No surprise both charges fail, but I'm confident he will not charge my Demigryphs after Fridays experience. I figure he will try to panic my units with his warp artillery. Lets hope the imperial armour is up to scratch!

Jiri finally gets to open up with his warp artillery and ....................
.................. promptly misfires and blows up!!!!
Jiri somehow tries to move the unit closer to my knights to inflict maximum casualties on my unit but the Imperial armour saves the day again.


I decide to charge both units in as it is time to finish this once and for all. Its turn six and Jiri is ahead on points!!

I charge with the Gryphs first and Jiri decides to flee, which makes sense as the Warp cannon is in the way and the rats will be able to bolt and survive the game, so I crash into the cannon and plan to wreck bloody havoc.

Then I charge with the Knights and for some reason Jiri decides to flee with this unit as well. It contains his Engineer leader, is 4" away from my knights (maximum), has no units to get in the way (now the cannon has blown up) and I am rolling 3 DICE!

I am very confused and figure this is some kind on trap! That is until I see Jiri's face when he realises what hes done and I run down his unit!!

The good news for me is this all happens in the movement phase so I still get to open up with my magic!!

I hex the fleeing rats with the flaming cage as I hope they will fail to rally and go bolting straight through the spell and take additional hits. To add insult to injury I also hit them with "Final Transmutation" hoping they fail their stupidity test next turn. I manage to roll a six for his character in the unit and it is turned to gold as well (I have to pay the troops somehow). Just to add to the Magic overload I also augment the gryphs as I want to brush the cannon aside and over run into the fleeing unit as I need to wrap this all up this turn!

The cannon does not stand a chance and the over run sends me straight through the remaining clan rats.
With only 7 gutter runners remaining on the field Jiri conceedes and we shake hands over what was a very tight game until the last turn.

1) DO NOT FLEE FROM CAVALRY! Especially when they are so close. I figure it is even worth standing your ground with hand gunners as at least they might pick some off first!

2) Sending skirmishers up against skirmishers is pointless. All I have to do is look back to my battles against Lano's Lizards and Anthonys Wood elves to see how it should be done! flank big units, pop off vulnerable solos or artillery and force big units to circle on the spot to stop the flank attacks (been there). Jiri's gutter runners proved mostly ineffective against my armour and I should have concentrated on weakening the ranks of units I was going to charge or popping off Jiris two artillery units.

3) You do not need to see your target to cast Hexs and augments. This is a revelation to me and will change the way I use wizards in the future!

4) When all else fails....................................

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