Friday, 9 May 2014

Warmachine, probably the most complicated game in the world!

So played my first game of Warmachine yesterday, and blimey what a game!

First Alister handed me a load of minis including a general (called a caster), a couple of Robots (called Jacks), a goblin in a bowler hat (called a solo) and some Halberdiers (called Steelheads)

Al also fielded a caster, some jacks and a unit of "Skorne"; imagine post apocaliptic vampire samurai.

First thing first, with the exception of my "Caster" Ashlynn I absolutely love the miniatures and their METAL!!

Then I got handed the miniatures cards and it all gets very complicated very quickly. Stats, spells, feats, special weapons, abilities and god knows what else! I decide to just focus on the main stats and try to stick to a basic game plan of holding the centre of the table while sending a flanking force round the left of the table.

I figure the robots are the most stompy (?) so stick them in the middle. I use the halberdiers as a flanking force as they have the largest movement stat. The caster goes in the middle to support both elements of my attack. We play 3 turns and if your caster dies, game over.

Its all a bit of a blur but seems to be going ok as I mob one of his jacks and wreck it. One of his "Renegade" jacks is also close to being eliminated which should leave his caster open to attack in the third turn. And then it all goes very wrong very quickly.

One of his Jacks opens fire with its one shot weapon and knocks Ashlynn flat on her arse and then a jack with a cannon and an anchor opens fire and finishes her off.

Really enjoyed the game and like the fact you get a decent game with 10 miniatures a side. I REALLY like the fact you can not pre-measure anything as it adds a real sense of jeopardy to the game. Al and I shake hands and agree to meet up for round 2 in 2 weeks time.

Lessons learnt
1) 3 turns is not enough time to mess about with flanking attacks and I need to get stuck in. My largest unit (the halberdiers) spent the entire game trudging up the left without making a single contribution to the game.

2) When I got home the first thing I did (after putting the kettle on) was google "Warmachine Magnus....." and the first thing to pop was "........... assination tactics". Turns out you take two Renegades (which Al did), one knocks the caster on its arse, the other one finishes them off. Job done.

Won't be falling for that one again!

3) As the most powerful figure on the battle field I really should work out what spells, focus etc does.

Looking forward to round 2....

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