Saturday, 24 May 2014

Warhammer Fantasy Empire Outriders

Lucias Von Dogstein strode into camp and embraced his former charge Custoras, the joy evident on both their faces. “How was your journey Dog?”


“Eventful my Lord” replies Lucias pulling up his sleeves to reveal fresh cuts and bruises, “Lord Estellian had fought to the last breath” Dogstein reported. Gazing into the distance Dogstein continued wistfully “he would have been a strong commander and is a loss to the empire.”

“And one of your loudest critics” Custoras rebuked him gently “Let us not forget his willingness to join the clamour to throw you to the wolves after the Big Little horn.”

Dogsteins eyes flash into focus with a steely resolve “your right my Lord. Fuck him!” and spits vehemently onto the red sun baked soil. “This belongs to you now” he continues handing over Estellians sword of might, “your command is secure!”

“And with it our fortune!” Custoras replies “come let’s get those wounds seen to before they become infected in these God forsaken lands.”

Dogstein and his Salty Dogs had arrived. Now the real battle for Lustria begins!

So thats my Imperial outriders finished.

Really was not feeling these miniatures UNTIL i started sticking on the different heads from the left overs from the Empire General, and the White wolves heads from the Empire Knights set and suddenly it all fell into place and I really started to pick up a head of steam with them.

As with Lucias I went with the overall black theme and muted colours to emphasize the covert nature of their missions (and they were much quicker to paint from the black undercoat!).

Also because of their muted colour scheme I really went to town on their faces so they would have bags of personality so they stood out when under scrutiny from the other gamers at the MEGC.

Lucias Von Dogstein is the leader and has a whole back story in a previous post

The rest of the outriders are drinking buddies of Dogstein and are amoung the more disreputable members of the Academy or have been discharged for their conduct.

Centre of picture is "Wilded eye Joe"

Centre of picture is "Crazy Joe"

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