Monday, 5 May 2014

3rd Edition Blood bowl. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Popped into Minature Empire to pick up some Reaper miniatures I ordered and got talked into playing a game of 3rd edition.

First impressions are so so. It is a lot more punishing if you make mistakes and once you get your head round the rules I can imagine it is a lot faster flowing as there is a lot less reference to tables but .................. I'm still not sold. The players are so basic in the beginning and its much harder to clear the field (which I really like!) and most of the blocks result in pushing your opponent about. Time will tell.........

Only played one half before my parking ticket expired so will not do a narative but the photos did look brill.

Looking to google for inspiration

We now start up on the half way line. Lanos new lizard mat looks awesome

Sumo vs Skink it must be Blood bowl

Kermit plays Blood Bowl. What would Ms Piggy say?

The dug out staff

My score, re roll and turn markers

Kung fu Vs Baby shark?

Just porn really as Lano and I wanted to compare big guys. We are going to have a nightmare come the game as they are only supposed to take up one square each!

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