Saturday, 3 May 2014

conversations in a Toy shop

Worked the shop today as its Saturday. I also sell retro toys through the shop and word is getting about among local collectors (1960's Rock and Roll guiter playing monkey anyone?).

 (What about some russian dolls of USSR politicians?)

Any way fella walks in and starts eyeing up my blood bowl box "how much for the bloodbowl mate?"

I tell him the back story and he realises his chances of buying it are slim to none.

"Do you play?" I ask and one thing leads to another and we are setting the teams up for a game!

Fellas name is Alister and turns out hes a top bloke.

Its Al's first ever game so we play without the refs, fouling or multiple blocks.


Al kicks off as "the gentle men of the realm" and I recieve the ball deep in my own half.

I decide to play the old zig zag manoeuver and draw him off to the left before switching back to the right.

But first I need to injure some 'oomans  to get the numbers advantage.

Unfortunately it seems Al has the luck of the die (or I'm being hustled) and my plan falls to pieces deep in my own half so I punt the ball to give me a chance to regroup and pick off his most fragile players (el Smashico all over again).

Chin Lee collects the ball before my blitzers can stop him and punts the ball back up the field. Al does not make the roll and the ball scatters towards my players and the foot race in on which Al wins!

One - nil to Al. Time to put a bit of pressure on in the second half.

I recieve the kick again and no messing about I drive through the middle with my catchers flying down both wings with support.

Al gets drawn off to both flanks leaving the middle a little thin and I smash through targeting his more fragile linemen thrower and catcher. If I do get the quick score I want them sitting in the injury box for the rest of the game.

Shifty Nick exploits the gaps in the line and successfully dodges both blocks and runs in the touch down. Also Al's injury box is filling up nicely.

one all and still 6 turns to play. Can I pull this one off?

The next 6 turns are a bit of a maelstorm with a massive brawl in the middle while the ball is punted backwards and forwards over the top. Imagine wimbledon but with more blood and the strawberries will not cost you a second mortage.

But the photos look good!!!

The game end one all and it looks like the world has another convert to Bloodbowl.

Then Al asks "Have you ever played Warmachine?"

"No whats that?"

Steam powered robots....... go on

magic guns..................... I'm listening

and then he shows me a picture of a goblin in a bowler hat holding a telescope................ SOLD !!!!

So we are meeting at the shop this Thursday night for a play date................ Warmachine here we come!!!

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