Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Over stimulated and over fed! Visit to Warhammer World, part 2 of 4!

Just to clarify this post continues to be photo heavy and still contains images of gratuitous 28mm photo porn and is therefore still rated . . . .

Right Ron Jeremy take it away.

So when I left you I was looking at Neil pulling this face. . . . .

and we all delve deeper into the rabbit hole. . . .

Might have bought the below set as well from Forge World (I'm only human for Gruds sake!).

Then we walk into the next room and my jaw literally drops to the floor.

Every thing up to this point has just been an appertiser for. . . . . . . . THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats not a miniature in the top right corner. Thats a person!

This diorama is simply Gigantic!

Lano is not the biggest fella, but he gives you an idea of the scale of the thing.

There he is getting a close up of . . . . .. .


That just gives you some clue to the scope of this thing.

There is Neil foaming at the mouth on the lower level.

The level of detail was mind boggling!

EVERY square foot of the thing had a minor master piece to offer!

Assault Marines landing on a Hell Drake? Check!

According to the text there are 5,500 miniatures crammed into this display and you could easily spend the day just studying this one diorama.

 Drop pod crashing into a Titan? . . . . CHECK!

LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!!!!

With over 5,000 miniatures on the table would anyone notice if I took one souvenir?

And not all the mini's were just 28mm. Anyone for close to a Grand's worth of Forge World Titan, strolling down the boulevard?. . . . . CHECK!

Oh we are not finished yet!!!!!!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I'm a grown man with children and a professional career, but I very nearly nearly made a mess when I saw this!

      Simply put, stunning!


  2. Every everything I see pics of that huge table my jaw drops. I keep seeing new things happening in there.

    1. I know it's mental.

      did you spot the two fellas sitting on the balcony firing off the anti space ship weaponry?


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