Sunday 25 October 2015

Inquisamunda Stormtroopers and other chips from the Lead mountain.

"RAHHHHH I have eaten the Stormtroopers!"
Only one day into the half term hols and I have already knocked out five figures!

Why do I work again?????

First up are two Guards for my Inquisimunda Warband. Unfortunately it was supposed to kick off last week and then expanded into Kill teams for our trip to Warhammer World this Tuesday, but real life is really kicking Mark in the nuts at the moment.

Fingers crossed his luck will turn around soon and he will return to gaming once the stormy seas pass (sending best wishes your way mate).

I have decided in the fluff for my Inquisimunda Lord, that his Psyker abilities manifested themselves during a high profile Grox Bull fight, during his coming of age ceremony.

This lead me to thinking that it would be cool if his Warband (or Cuadrilla) run with a Bull fighting theme.

For this reason my two Acolytes are called Banderilleros and their job is to distract and tire the Inquisitors prey before the Lord steps forward and dispatches the target.

I thought I was being really clever mixing up parts from the WHF Pistolliers and 40K Guardsmen until I googled Inquisimunda warbands and saw EVERYONE was at it! One thing about the web is, it makes you realise original ideas are few and far between!

With the sun setting earlier and earlier I have reverted to my winter painting schedule. Essentiality I spend about 30 min a night painting on easily differentiated block colours and ink washes onto my miniatures. This means I normally have a dozen or so on the go at once. Then once I get a decent stint of painting time in daylight, were I can actually see the colour grades I finish off a single figure.

This is how the following five got finished up within a single sitting this Saturday. This mean the above Space Wolf got finished off along with the Inquisimunda figures.

Being Orctober I also squeezed in a Grot (Basically a Army painter 'Goblin Green' coloured primer) with basic touches of metal and a red bandana.

The surprise of the bunch was this Squig!

Knocked out from start to finish in less then an hour and just so much character in his face.

Originally bought as a Watch Squig for my Gorka Morka warband, I just snatched him out of the Lead mountain and went to town on him.

It was such a lovely cast it pretty much painted itself. The only reason I went with the purple was because the pots were open at the time, but it really worked IMHO.

Even it's arse was a pleasure to paint!

An example of what I mean by my winter painting schedule is shown below.

All of the below figures are in my processing pile and I just grab one and base colour or ink wash when I get 20 minutes.

These are the remainder of my Inquisimunda Warband (at present). I need to get the Lord finished for the trip the Warhammer World, Tuesday.

Yep, blatant rip off mutie at the front.

This is a gorgeous old, Bob Olley, Ogryn I want to get into my Inquisitor Kill team, given a chance.

Then there are my two last Orctober entries. . . . . Time will tell.

The rest of Half term looks like it is going to get sucked up with real life stuff, looking after the kids and my wife bugging out because one of her Masters, assignments is due BUT I do have Warhammer world, so expect a large photo dump at some point, as I show lots of out of focus photos of massive displays which do no justice the the real thing.

Now the numbers. . . .

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 206
Miniatures bought this year =40

461 miniatures to go!


  1. What a brilliantly eclectic mix, just love the colours.

    1. Cheers, a variety of figures like this helps keep my interest up in the dark winter months.

      The colours are influenced from the Necromunda back ground which says in the dank under hive the gangs were vibrant clothes to show their status. I really like the purple and yellow from my Gun Mages so used it again.

      Enjoy your half term!


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