Friday, 16 October 2015

Creative Biscuit 15th of October. Wargaming in South Woodford

Once again it was the third Thursday of the month, which means various reprobates gather at 7pm at the Creative Biscuit Ceramics shop in South Woodford.

We had a 25 point nail biter between Tim (the owner) and Lano. . . . 

Skorne and Convergence of Cyriss ripped it up on the other table. . . . . .

While the rest of us travelled the Galaxy by playing Firefly with various expansion bits. . . . . .

Next meet is the 19th of November and all are welcome.

The forum is HERE.


  1. Action aplenty here. Looks like another fun evening.

  2. Good to see another flourishing club :-)

    1. Yer it's been a slog but we keep going. We were going to call ourselves the 'Nomads' as we originally all meet at our LFGS 3 years ago, which then closed down. We then moved to my Toy shop which I closed down this December to return to full time teaching and now we are at Tim's at the Creative Biscuit.


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