Monday 19 October 2015

Death Race 40,000. Part 2.

A while back Lano of the Essex Legion was talking about running a Gorka Morka race for Orctober. This was just after my visit to BOYL 15 so I directed him to the Oldhammer forum and left him to it.

Then strange rumours began to circulate round the interweb of  a homage to Death Race this Sunday past;

 Death Race 40K, a balls out, pedal to the metal, DAKKA DAKKA, full auto, nitros burning, tire shredding, buttock puckering,  white knuckle, full throttle ride to death or glory!!!!!!

Right then. . . . . . Where do I sign up?

Once again with the kids in bed I race to the car and start my own version of the race by trying to get the the Legion without getting flashed by speed cameras.

I am tempted to field Keels on Wheelz but decide to give Dr. Gostellos jalopy a run out instead.

Gentlemen (and Lady), start your engines!

I'm into the first corner and decide to meet the neighbours as soon as possible and try to put some new dents into the great looking Trukk in front of me.

The overhead view.

Yep there are people in the pits already. It must be Death race!

The 'Black Death' comes careering round the corner and T-bones my Jalopy.

The shunt powers me forward and I activate my guns. . . . .

and what do you know. . . . Theres a nice big red Trukk in front!

It would be rude not to say hello . . . . with high caliber weaponry!

The track gets a bit stacked behind me as the other drivers take great pains to kick lumps out of each other!

My experience from BOYL 15 teaches me 'In order to finish first - First you have to finish!' 

I decide to race ahead and leave the young un's to it.

The 'Blue Beast' tries to run me down. . . . He's half an inch out!

I race ahead. . . . . . NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW!!!!!!!!

Except the 'Red roller' coming storming out of the pits and blind siding me!


I decide to use the momentum from the shunt and double back on the trailing pack as I am VERY aware of the amount of heavy artillery pointing at my rear!

I target the bloke with the big missles and 'Ram, gun, shunt' in a nice combined attack to put him out of commission.

NO CHANCE. . . The Geezer made every single 5+ saving throw . . . . . ALL GAME!

Truly this one had been blessed by both Gork and Mork!

Not surprisingly this winds everybody up and soon everyone is testing his new ability to make EVERY SINGLE SAVING THROW!!!!!!!!!!

The 'Black Deth' gets rammed and I get to decide where it ends up. I don't know if it's the white line fever getting to me or the Squig fuel fumes but I go a bit nuts and decide to place it, so it can land on me if it gets rammed again. . . . . At least the photo will look good.

Told yer!

With time running out, no quarter is asked or given.

James (I think) is the run away leader (in the race) and Tim (I think) is the run away leader in the destruction stakes. With nothing to lose, no hull points left and not wanting to end the race in the pits (what am I an Elf?) I decide the channel my inner Ork and cause as much carnage as possible with my final turns!

I slam my Jalopy into reverse, ram the vehicle behind me and then pull off a hand brake turn to strafe the survivors with machine gun fire!

Fluck YER!!!!!!!!!!

 Then my driver looks up to see the 'Red rage' come flying off the edge of the ramp in slow motion. . . . .

imagine the other Orks looking up in slow motion as . . . . .

it lands onto the cars below. . . . .

as my Jalopy bursts into flames!!!!!


What a great cinematic ending to the race and a fitting way to end the CARnage!!!!

Thanks to Lano for hosting the race and trying to keep everyone moving and quickly GMing the game and all the inventive shernanigans going on!

And thanks again to Captain Crook for coming up with such a cool rule set. I hope we did you proud!


  1. Replies
    1. You should have grabbed 'Keelz on wheelz' and joined in!

  2. Having' played the first game, I have an idea of the fun you must have had on this one and feel a little jealous !
    Lovely table and slow claps to you for making the legend last !

    1. The racers were just as 'inventive' with the rules as the mob at BOYL and this race was also a good laugh.

      The table was not up to BOYL standards but they had a bloody good go at it!

  3. Great Races as always!
    Same again next month?

    1. cool!

      I just need to;
      rebuild the engine,
      replace the tires,
      find another crew to replace the dead ones,
      put the fires out,
      and reload the guns!

      A month should do it!

  4. Replies
    1. It was one of those lovely moments where you realise you are playing with little soldiers and cannot take the whole thing too seriously.

      I wish my Warmachine battles were the same rather than me getting so worked up I want to turn over the table!

  5. Haha, bloody gorgeous! I relly love what I see here!!

    1. That is high praise indeed from the Old School Workshop. I will let the folks at the Essex Legion know how well the game has been recieved!

  6. Great report! I have no idea why I wasn't following your blog, I could have sworn I already was. I don't know what the hell it was, but the red missle launcher with plow was suitably Deth Race bonkers. A great bunch of vehicles actually. I'll have to return to the forum for the ideas behind Death Race 40K.

    1. It's a cool little rule set and I would strongly recommend giving it a go!

      And now I am on the mighty Sean's blog list. Things are looking up!


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