Saturday, 29 March 2014

Whack of the Day 4 Southern Division

Welcome back Bloodheads to another great Whack of the day.

What a hectic highlight session to come with two massive games in the Southern Division and a all or nothing decider between the Avelorn Angels and the Karma Khameleons to decide a place in the Final next week!

Game one

Averlorn Angels vs the Wild Cards

The Female (?) elves kick off and the Humans attempt to split the field with two breaks down the flanks.

When East and West collide Bob, well people lose teeth Bob

The Wild cards make the mistake of leaving their Catcher out on a limb with the ball in their own half and the Angels pounce like hes a Louis Vuitton Hand bag in the first 15 minutes of the Harrods sale. The poor fella never stood a chance Bob

The Asian sensations do their best to run down the Female (?) blitzer but all in vain and the score is one nil.

The Wild cards do their best to even the score and charge the field with reckless abandon

The Elves envelop the Wild cards central charge and stall out their attack..................Could another reversal be on the cards Bob?

The wild cards desperately try to keep possession of the ball but "the hebrew Hammer" is powerless to stop the strip................... no not that kind of strip Bob the Angels are staying fully clothed so hold on to your lunch.

Looks like every one is Kung Fu fighting bob

The Wild card Kicker desperately tries to clear a way through to the Female (?) blitzer, but unlike the movies where the baddies all wait in line to get their heads kicked in, some one shouts out "BUNDLE" and the kicker ends up flat on his back!!!!

With no one to stop the charge the Female (?) blitzer crosses the line to make it two - nil.

For the love of God some one turn off the slow motion replay !!!!!!!!

Poppa needs new shorts Bob!!!!!

With this crushing defeat of the wild cards only a win by the Karma Khameleons will do if they want through to the finals next week!!!!!


The Avelorn Angels Vs The Karma Khameleons

The Khameleons Kick off and charge the field, both coaches look pensive as the teams close the distance at break neck speed

I'm really not sure how effective that red card is going to work as a shield Bob?

Here comes the Krunch Bob, hold on to your seat!!


Seriously Bob has some one greased the Astrogranite!!!! For 6 turns there is hardly a player on their feet as the teams do their best to rip the faces off each other.....What a game Bob!!

Finally the Lizzies get the upper hand and multiple block the Elves off the field to run in the touch down

Will this be enough to win the game as The Angels only need the Draw to go through to the finals!!

The Elves recieve the Kick off again and this pundit is nearly peeing in his pants in excitment!!

Once again both teams end up flat on their faces and new talks will be opened with Pike to see if some kind of Rubber boot can be fashioned to stop all this slipping..........personally Bob I can't see it catching on and I am going to keep all my money invested in "Enemies Reunited"

With the pulling down of the Female (?) catcher something breaks within the Elven team and the Elf coach suddenly looks deflated and the Lizzies pounce again to run in the second touchdown and themselves all the way into the 6 Dominions final!!

I'm sorry Bob i'm confused is it Lizards arms or tails which grow back?

Because if its the latter this poor bloke could be in trouble for the finals!!

So that wraps up the Southern Division Bob,

The Karma Khameleons lead the Table on  8 points, The Averlon Angels sit second just one point behind on seven points with the Orc team lamenting their decision to spend the games breaking heads rather then scoring shunted into third on 5 points and last but no means least the inexperienced team of the Wild cards occupy the bottom slot on 4 points.

How close can it get Bob....... What a 6 Dominions and there are still the cup games to play!!!!

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