Saturday, 1 March 2014

Whack of the day 2. Northern division


Hi and welcome to another great "whack of the day".

After another brutal day of the 6 dominions, the world of Bloodbowl is in uproar as the SOUTHLAND TUBTHUMPERS stand UNDEFEATED at the head of the Northern division after two 1 - Nil victorites!!!!

This has to be the greatest upset in Bloodbowl since the Snotland Snotlings lasted more then two turns against the Asgard titans!

Lets have a look at the highlights.

The moment that lasts forever....the first kick off of the 6 Dominions Northern division

Are you sure thats a Halfling? The surprise signing of the Halfling team, Mr. Snide makes the starting 11

Mr. Snide shows he was worth the signing fee of unlimited "fat boy" Hotdogs, the official hotdog of the 6 Dominions "all claims it is made of ex bloodbowl players strenuously denied"

Not to be outdone the Halfling "9 inch nails" pull down an elf, nows thats how to make a block roll!!!!

 Thats going to need more than a manicure Bob, The elf coach "snake eyes" kark does it again with his armour roll!!!

 the elves pull off one of their signature passes into space but can the catcher make it to the line.......NO "snake eyes" does it again, a 6 on the sprint means the catcher goes crashing to the ground with "charlies horses". so close

 This allows the Halflings to walk the ball up the field stopping for "Fat Boy" hot dogs....the official Hotdog of the 6 Dominions tournament "all claims it is made of ex bloodbowl players strenuously denied" on the way, and leaving the Elf Dug out looking like a scene from the Battle of the Somme


Surprised to be largely intact the Halfings elect to go straight into another game, this time against the unstoppable (?) shuffle of the Undead team.

The teams waste no time getting to grips with each other.

Lets hope nothing comes detached Bob!

WOW Zombie versus Halfling, not something I get to say every day Bob.

Much to Macca's consternation the ref trundles down the field and penalises both the undead blockers in the first two turns, various accusations of "bribery" rebound around the stadium but hey this is Bloodbowl the cheap skate undead coach should have dug deeper into his pockets!!!!
 The "9 inch nails" prove their worth again and pull down another zombie. The NAF are already talking about bringing in statutory drug testing for next weeks games

The undead know no fear.... until now, the undead thrower is distictly heard shouting "shit....throw the ball......THROW THE BALL" as snide bears down on the throwers

With Mr. Snide bearing down on the thrower he fluffs the pass and fumbles in his own square.

Against all expectations (including the Halfling Coach), the halflings clear the field again

This leaves Snide to stroll the ball in for the Touch down. "FAT BOY" HOTDOG ANYONE!!!!
(and not a single official Bloodbowl miniature in sight.....MAN I LOVE THE MINIATURE EMPIRE GAMING CL:UB!!!!!)

The restart see the undead go hammer and tongs down the field desperately trying to score before the final whistle goes.... can he make it?

Snide goes down.....Snide goes down is this the moment that changes the game Bob?

one square from the end zone.........

with one final square to sprint........................

in the final turn...............................

with the undead coach needing to roll anything but a 6........................................

can the undead pull off a draw?.........................................

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Bob he rolls a 6,,, A 6!!!! THE CROWD GOES NUTS, the TUB thumpers WIN

This final roll was made at 11pm on a Friday night and the cheers and groans when Macca rolled that 6 was the most animated I have ever seen the club over any game I have seen in all the time I have been there. There really is no other game like Bloodbowl!!!!

this leaves the tub thumpers clear at the top on 6 points and through to the finals

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