Sunday, 9 March 2014

The 1st Lustrian expeditionary forces, encounters of the scaly kind

Popped into the Mini empire for my weekly dose of "Secret sunday gaming club".

A hung over Lano was in attendance so I thought now would be a good opportunity to take advantage of his weakened state and offered battle.

Lano fielded 2 wizards and decided against his dactyls taking the field, I elected for fire magic again. Lano went for two different spell decks full of hexs and augment spells.


I decided not to leave the wiz out on his own due to all the skinks about and figured he needed the cover or would end up looking like a pin cushion.

The Gryphs lined up directly opposite the Warriors and I set the knights up on my right in the hope they would scatter the skinks and be used as a flanking force. Time will tell.

The Skinks whip round the left and right flanks and take some pot shots at my units. I decide to ignore the units due to my 2 up cover saves and wonder what lano is playing at, as I am not going to be distracted by these attacks (but they do look amazing).

and then my first surprise of the afternoon the skinks crash into my Knights right flak!!!!!

and now my first dilemma...........suddenly i'm looking at a bunch of BIG scaly sods bearing down on my front. Do I wheel to face the skinks and expose my flanks to the saurus warriors or use my champion and General hack away the little scaly sods and hope to force them to flee.

Either way I have lost the charge!

The other skinks slink round the back of my gryphs and look set to stall out my other attack.

The Gryph riders spur their mounts forward to charge the Warriors, its sooner then i wanted and without support but my hand has been well and truly forced.

At least it makes for a great picture

I hope to assist with the Knights but fail the die roll leaving them short of the Warriors.

The Gryphs go nuts and force the lizards to turn and run. No holding back now I try to run them down and get this mess sorted as soon as possible.

Once again I am an inch short and the Lizzies reform. The gryphs are stuck for options and charge again. The Lizzies rip the remaining Gryphs to pieces thanks to the Hexs cast by both Lizard wizards.

The Knights face the remaining Lizzies and get caught between a rock and a hard place as the remaining Skinks charge their rear!! (this was the unit I was hoping to charge the Warriors and escape from).

The ensuring combat leaves me needing to roll a double 1 to not break. It's no surprise but custer fails the roll and the knights are run down and massacred.

1) so thats what skirmishers are for, popping off low armour units and forcing hitty units to spend the game wheeling about on the spot so they do not get flanked.

2) facing two wizards is a nightmare, especially as a smart player (like Lano) will use spells which complement each other and if one wizard fails to cast a spell you still have the other one. Will have to watch Mark in action as he is fielding two wizards.


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