Sunday, 9 March 2014

Callus Darklore, Necromancer 03421. Empire battle wizard proxy

Worked my toy shop Saturday, and between customers managed to knock out a couple of minis.

I like painting in the shop as people think it is me that paints the toys. If Morrisons can advertise that "market street" bollocks, when Super markets are directly reasponsible for the death of the independant high street then I can paint in the shop and let people think I am Geppetto.

Anyway rant over, here is my proxy Empire battle wizard Marcus.

No surprise it is a reaper proxy

I have usually elected to use fire magic in the games I have played so far, so have gone for the red and yellow clothes scheme. I also figure it is in keeping with his flamboyant nature and the mini itself is in a really flamboyant and dynamic pose.

The narrative is that he is slowly going demented as the expedition drives further and further into Lustria.

Same of this dementure will be due to his pompus nature but there will be a whole thing going on about the influence the Skull is having over Marcus (if any). It was found by Marcus in the remains of a runied temple during one of the first battles they had in Lustria and somehow it channels Marcus' power and was instrumental in Marcus turning the tide of the first battle in Lustria and allowing the establishment of their beach head.

Rumours are rife amongst the camp that animated arguments can be heard coming from Marcus' Tent at night even though his elevated status means his does not share his tent.

To show this edge to the figure I painted the pupils red. It is a subtle effect that gives the figure an understated odd effect until someone points out the red eyes. Is it the eyes reflecting the flare of his fire spell or something more sinister in nature?

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