Saturday, 15 March 2014

Whack of the day 3 Northern Division

Hellos again Bloodbowl fans and haters alike and welcome to another fun filled whack of the day. Only one game to report on today due to the ominious absence of the Avelorn Angels once again!

This pundit has recieved a confidential Medical report from the offices of the Angels and can report that the team has come down with a virulent bout of Nurgle tounge and crotch rot!

How such a disease can claim an entire ALL FEMALE team is anyones guess.......Are you guessing Bob...............are you?..................Bob.......................Bob.........................back in the room Bob.

only time and Lilly the Pink knows if the Angels will be competing in the 6 Dominions in the foreseeable future.

On a happier note (well for the undead coach anyway) we did get one game in this Friday between Mort and Mindy and the Rat infested Partnership.

Lets look at the high lights.

HOOF.  the undead kicker can be heard screaming "sod it, i've lost my leg" as he boots the ball.

"No you haven't its over here!!!!"  calls back one helpful Bloodbowl fan from the back bleachers.

Thats one hell of a souvenir for one fan Bob!

The Rats scramble for the ball and take off down the field with their Blitzers leading the charge to krunch some holes in the Undead's line of Skulls.

The rat catchers use their superiour agility to skitter through the holes in the line and catch the ball just squares from the Undead end zone. The crowd hold their breath (well the living fans anyway) and wait for the inevitable touch down!!

inevitable that is until somewhere deep within the recesses of a nearby undead player's mind a painfull memory is triggered................. "Heroic tackle"...................."Heroic tackle and a crowd on its feet in adulation" brings a strange light to his one remaining eye and he goes stumbling down the field to bring the Skaven catcher crashing to the ground!!!!!!!!!


The ref adds salt to the wounds by red carding one of the few remaining Skaven players.

Keep up the good work ref!!

The undead take a leaf out of the Halflings playbook (yes I said it Bob the HALFLING playbook), and clear the field of Rats, if only the Skaven sponsers Rentokil were so efficient!!

The Skaven coach pulls this face

and the undead run down the clock to score the only touch down of the game.

Unfortunately rumours persist that the undead chairman is unhappy about certain stipulations of the coaches contract not being fulfilled and this pundit suspects there will be more changes at the top before this 6 Dominions is over.

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