Friday, 17 February 2017

Scarblade the Immortal. Path to Glory, Aspiring champion

With the colour scheme still not nailed down for my original Aspiring champion I was at a bit of a loss at what to do . . . .then digging through the cupboard of grey shame I come across this little plastic lump of old Skool goodness!

Yep an old Hero quest Chaos Warrior!!!!

I have no idea where this fella come from as I have never owned any of the original Hero Quest games and don't remember buying any Warhammer fantasy boxsets back in the day so maybe this fella is a gift from Tzeentch itself!!

Any who, how could he not be included in a 'Paths to Glory' warband?

He got some upgrades thanks to a marauder cape I had floating about, a Skorne banner which fitted perfectly and some Green stuff fur (sorry PETA!).

Still unsure which way to go with my Aspiring Champion armour I tried out a GW technical paint called 'Soulstone blue'.

Found out it is VERY glossy and needed a wash of Nuln oil to calm things down.

Considering the crudeness of the sculpt and using new techniques I am happy with how he turned out (especially the banner).

He will start out as my Aspiring Champion and then will be relegated into a regular Chaos Warrior once I figure out what I am going to do with my original Aspiring Champion.

I also finished off a Direwolf (sorry Chaos Hound) for my Warband.

Only a basic paint job of zenith sprays and inkwashes but he is done and I am getting much better at being able to walk away from stuff once it has reached the appropriate level of paint job!

Looks fine considering the speed it was painted!

Looking forward to rolling up another couple of these in the future so they can get some table time.

And here is how the 'Heralds of Change' currently look.

Only 'Grundog the Shunned' to finish up!

Now the numbers
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 24

Miniatures bought 16 due to new Mordheim campaign, Riotville live! and Paths to Glory.

456 miniatures to go!

"Wow with a cool banner like that how can I not follow you?"


  1. Now there are really impressive.

    1. I'm not too sure about that but thanks for the compliment ;0)

  2. Strong blue theme running throughout, smashing Riot :-)

    1. Thanks man. I have a horrible feeling they will be covered in red by the end of their first battle! ;0)

  3. Just caught up with the blog. Well done on getting your army painted and what looked like a great day of gaming. I should probably pull out my wet palette again, I haven't used mine in awhile.

    1. Thanks man it was a great day of gamning and everyone went flat out to get their armies finished.

      If you have not used your palette in a while and your getting the itch you have to scratch it man ;0)

  4. Hey it's Slambo! Apparently they just did a reprint of this and it was all over the Reddit forums.
    Long time lurker, and really like how you've been incorporating the Silver Tower models into your other teams. I've never had a chance to play Mordheim, but I've been also slowly working through the Silver atower box... promised my wife I would be finished by this new year so we can finally play...

    1. Only difference is this one did not cost me £15 ;0)
      The silver Tower miniatures are so nice they can't do left to rot in their box! I hope you persist with the Silver tower miniatures as they are well worth the effort!


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