Monday, 13 February 2017

RiotvilleLIVE!! Round 3

With round two over the protagonists called a cease fire and bundled downstairs for dinner. The usual small talk of little soldiers and a smattering of discussion about current events followed before we all adjourned back upstairs to the 'War room' for the deciding round 3.

During dinner Damon appeared with his Dwarves. He was to be my third opponent.

Another Dwarf gun line appears but this time I do not have the cover of a village to protect me. This one could be dicey!

No messing about I make a head down charge up the middle!

My battle bus makes contact and knocks the teeth out of the Dwarves sent forward to hold them up. Only the Runesmith survives the combat . . . . .

. . . . . . and then the plucky little bastard rolls insane courage.

I get that horrible sinking feeling in my stomach when the Gnobblars are charged and the Dwarves pass every single dangerous terrain test!

My Ogre bulls are blasted from the field. My Firebelly bolts for the cover of the forest but is hunted down by a large unit of Dwarves.

Back in the centre an abysmal roll of die see's the plucky little Rune Smith survive another round of combat!!

My leadbelchers are decimated by the Dwarven guns.

My Ironblaster is charged by the Dwarves that ripped my Firebelly to pieces. I decide to flee in order to pull the unit further away from my battle bus and then rally the Ironblaster later to blast them to pieces.

Unfortunately no one told the Iron Blaster that and it fails to rally and disappears into the distance!

One final charge by my Iron Guts into the Thunderers on the hill sees me squeak out another win thanks to my surviving unit of Ironguts!

Truth be told Damon deserved the nod on this one.

Damon now had the bit between his teeth and managed to squeeze in another game against Lano.


The slow moving armies inch towards each other  . . . . . .

 . . . . . . Before ripping each others faces off!!

I think Lano pipped this one.

Over on the second table the big one was going down.

Phil was the only undefeated General so far and Lee had yet to win a game with his Orcs and Goblins!

I have to be honest my eye was constantly drawn to this game as it featured two beautifully painted armies on a well set out table. . . Pure 28mm porn!

This turned into a real 'cat and mouse' game with Lee desperately trying to pick off the weaker Skaven forces while Phil tried to engage units with his battle bus.

Finally Lee unleashed the green tide and crashes into the Skaven flanking forces.

Before chasing them from the field!

Trolls meet Abomination in one of my favourate photos of the day!

Finally Lee manages to manouver his forces into position. . . .Has he left it too late?

No!!! Lee decimates Phil's battle bus and sweeps the Skaven from the field and stops Phil taking the title!!!!

On the third table Ed and Jesus George contested the village.

Bow shot and iron blasted across the field as both forces did their best to decimate the other!

Finally the Phoenix mixes it up with the Dwarf Thunderers.

The Elves surge forward but the Dwarves stand firm and continue to pour shot into the advancing Elves.

When the Elves finally make contact they lack the numbers to break the Dwarven shield wall and George is declared the victor!

And that concluded Riotville LIVE!!!!!

So who was the victor after twelve hours of wargaming and free drinks ., . . . . Well it turns out we all were as there were smiles all round at the final whistle!

To attribute to how competitive the day was, no-one saw out the day undefeated and Phil, George and I were all drawn for top position on six points!!

Same time next year lads?


  1. Really enjoyed following all this. Free drinks was my favourite part. Wish I could sign up for next year's event! :P

    1. Thanks man. I think free drinks was everyones favourate part (apart from Phil finally being beat!).

      Shame you are such a distance away, even considering the free drinks ;0)

  2. sign me up, I promise to bring a painted army.

    1. No worries mate.

      Next RiotvilleLIVE will be about Feb next year.

      Are you sure about the painted army. I really liked having hatred towards you!!

      Keep an eye on this blog mate and I will give plenty of notice for the next one.


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