Monday, 27 February 2017

Animal cunning Vs Brute force and ignorance. WHF 2000 point battle report

Last Saturday I spent over 12 hours slogging through the new Learning Trusts ill conceived plan to change students statements into Education health care plans!!

All this bollocks so it's now called a EHCP rather then a SEN statement. Just bollocks so someone sitting in an office somewhere can justify their job!!

And somehow I become the expert on a student with Cerebral Palsy up until the age of 25!!!!!! I just want to play with little soldiers!!!!

Then I had to spend most of Sunday looking after the kids so the misses could catch up with her mountain of paperwork. . . . . .all so I could play WHF against Phil and his bloody Skaven.

 So was it worth it???????????????


Only joking but spoiler alert I got stuffed on this one!

We both set out our 2000 points.

I surge forward while Phil takes a more measured approach keeping just close enough to temp me into a charge but far enough away to make me doubt my ability to roll high enough with all the units I want to make the charge count!

I have set up a flank attack with my Mournfangs and Sabre tusks to take care of the Skaven Warpfire cannon.

Phil snuffs this plan out with contemptuous ease when he crashes in with his abomination and Nurgle monks!

In an act of absolute spite and becasue I can see myself being completely outmaneuvered I charge in on some Clan rats.

Like an idiot I decide to overrun rather then rein them in to reform and face Phil's Battlebus!

This leaves him free to get off the flank attack!

Then Phil gets off 'Cracks Call'!!

Not surprisingly everyone it hits fails their initiative roll (of under 2) and half of my remaining forces disappear!

To add insult to injury my Ogre Bulls bounce off another unit of Clan Rats and flee from the worthless scuttling rats!!

Completely outplayed on this one and Phil kept feeding me little units to pull me out of position or distract me with easy kills. As well as this, Phil done a great job of keeping units close by so I had to worry about the flank charge if I did not run the Skaven battle bus off in one turn!

I made a lot of errors which I do not want to discuss here as I do want the rematch and want to see if my musings will pay off.


  1. Ouch, not a great result for you, but it looks like a lot of fun nonetheless.

    1. Got to admit it's a lot more fun when I win or it's a knife edged game.

      This was not a knife edged game. . . not even close.

  2. Ah, you can't win them all :-) I also hate Skaven, nasty bunch. Have noticed a couple of times recently you use cards for your ogres, where are they from? (sorry if you've posted on this before, must have missed it) Are they home produced or bought? They look smashing :-)

    1. Yer I always struggle against Skaven.

      The cards are self produced. I make them on Photoshop.

      If your interested I can post a template on this blog.

    2. Cool I will post it later in the week.


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