Sunday, 12 February 2017

RiotvilleLIVE!! Round 2

With the dust bearly settled from the first round of carnage the Generals of Riotville LIVE!! issued their challenges for the next round. . . . . . 

I faced off against Jesus George and his Dwarven gunline.
I hoped to take advantage of the cover afforded by the central village to rush my Ogres forward before the finally pell mell run across the killing ground.

My two Sabretusks and Gnobblars allowed me to place my Battle bus after George was forced to place his Hell cannon.

First turn and I bolt forward. Thankfully my Ironblaster stays true to form and blows the Dwarf Bolt Thrower to pieces!

My Leadbelchers and Ogre Bulls sweep round the flank. My only concern is I have made my sweep too wide and they will arrive after the majority of the fighting is over.

George's Hell blaster gets a line of sight on my battle bus and opens up with both barrels!

My Ogres round the final building and look hungry!

Finally my battle bus crashes in on the Dwarves and I find out just how tough these little bastards are!

My Bulls also come crashing in on the Dwarven flank.

In an effort to give the Gnobblars more time my Sabre tusk charges the Thunderers in the rear. My Mournfangs are driven from the field.

Immovable object meets irresistible force in the centre of the field!

The Dwarves finally break and my Battle bus overruns into the Thunderers.

In an attempt to collapse the Dwarven centre I even commit my Ironblaster!

Once again My Gnobblars stall out the Dwarf battle bus and stops them swinging the combat in the centre!

This saves the Ironblaster being run down as it flees from the combat.


My Bulls are massacred and my Firebelly manages to rally and blast the unit with a Fire ball. Against all odds this causes the Dwarves to flee the field!!

At the end of turn six we count the cost and I JUST manage to squeak out a win!

On the second table the salty dog Lee faces off against the new blood Ed.

This proves to be a real back and forth ding bong battle which see's Ed walk (limp) away the victor!

On the third table Neil's Wood Elves face off against Phil's Skaven.

A fabulous looking battle which sees the horde of rats weather the storm of Elf arrows to smash the Elven line to pieces!

After round two Phil and his Skaven are ahead on six points with George, Ed and I sitting in second place on 3 points with everything to play for.


  1. Some lovely photographs Riot, literally edge of the table stuff for the dwarves, well done on the win :-)

    1. Cheers man. Everyone went flat out to get their armies painted in time.

      There was only a couple of hundred points in it by the end of my battle with Jesus George. He held on to that table edge for all he was worth!


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