Sunday, 19 February 2017

Back for seconds. Ogres Vs Orcs and Goblins, WHF 1850 points battle.

With Lano up in Birmingham for Smogcom and playing Warmachine for four days straight (he's Chinese so does not seem to need sleep!) Lee and I decided to meet up at Ilford Wargames Club to lock horns over a game of fantasy.

Once again Lee set out 1850 poinrts of gorgeously painted Orcs.

I set out my 1850 points of Ogres.

I think both lists are the same as the lists fielded at Riotlive LIVE!! I know mine is.

Because I hate Goblins and am terrified of Fanatics I open up with both barrels with my Firebelly during the magic phase.

Despite being decimated the plucky little bastards refuse to run.

Lee marches forward and unleashes his Fanatics into my Gnobblars!

I charge my remaining Gnobblars into the second Fanatic in order to finish him off. I LOVE Gnobblars (despite the way I treat them!).

Because I HATE Goblins (and to get away from the surviving Fanatic I crash in my Ogres.

Who decimate the little green sods!

Up till this point I feel I am being outplayed by Lee, especially on my left flank. 

Then in a crazy run of events it all goes tit's up for Lee!!

First he fails to rein in both units of flanking forces.

This leaves his chariot in my Mournfang charge arc.

I then fail to finish it off and the chariot stops in EXACTLY the spot I need to block both his Battle bus and Trolls from charging in the next turn!!!!!!

Lee's language was a bit fruity at this point while I just tried to pretend I had planned this the whole time ;0)

To rub salt into the wounds my Mournfangs stop in EXACTLY the right place to stop Lee's Trolls charging them!!

Then Lee's surviving Fanatic veers towards his Chariot!

But stops a hairs breath short!!!!!!!!!

My surviving Sabre tusk charges the Fanatic to clear it from the field.

The Orc Chariot just has time to catch it's breath before it is charged by my Battle Bus!

The last of my Gnobblars move into position to block the charge in case I fail to over run. I LOVE GNOBBLARS!!

A massive melee breaks out in the centre. I think my next battle mat will be the inside of a phone box!

The last of Lee's flanking Chariots comes crashing in the back!

My Leadbelchers are charged by the giant spider.

At least the photos look cool.

No surprise my Leadbelchers are destroyed.

In the centre it looks like a game of 'rock em, sock em robots' as we kick lumps out of each other.

Before the Orcs finally break thanks to my Ironblaster charging in!

My mournfangs also bolt from the Trolls.

My Ogre bulls smash through the Orc catapult and boar riders thanks to lots of fiery destruction and meet up with the surviving Ironguts.

Lee remarked it's like that scene from WW1 and the football match.

In the centre my Mournfangs are wiped out by the giant spider.

Lee has only 3 figures left from his starting  1850 points!

I only have seven figures but take the win thanks to the points remaining on the board.

Once again another knifes edge encounter.

We have a gentlemans agreement not to 'power game' with WHF and leave enough room for some 'cut and thrust' in the game rather then 'your horde list runs into my horde list and then we roll dice for 30 minutes and no one moves'.

I think the fact that we constantly discuss this keeps us on the right side of the line between competitive and power which keeps this as our 'purely for enjoyment' game (even if Lano thinks I am becoming a cheese monger due to having my hero's in the second rank!).


  1. I never tire of watching these two sides squaring up! Wonderful again.

  2. Always love close games, they are the best sort, great fun for everyone, cheers for the report :-)


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