Sunday, 3 May 2015

Mordheim. The Short shank Redemption. Game three. "The Battle of the sixes!"

The mournful howl echoed through the cemetery of St Doffer. 

"Wolves?" Grub enquired. 

The Engineer Napoleon scanned the little of the horizon he could see "No son.....Worse......... Wulfen!" He replied, "and he's not alone!". 

Chuck Boris sidled up to the pair. Through laboured breaths he reported "It could be worse. Hopefully its' belly will be full of the Marenburgers I have just spotted entering through the other gate, by the time we get there. Their bloody miles away!"

"Or........ We could save ourselves the long walk and sod off back to the Pub now?" Grub ventured.

"Kiss my axe!"

Suddenly a large shadow loomed over them and the baleful gaze of their leader "The Butcher" glared down at them. "Enough of that talk boy. Forward and watch out for arrows. Those poxy Marenburgers will have someones eye out one day!"

Over head the ravens gathered.

This Saturday saw another three way tussle between Neil, Macca and I. This time for the Cemetery of St Doffer.

After our discussion last week the board was looking a lot more ragged, with a plethora of ruins and scattered hiding places.

And to be honest I think the board looked better for it.

Now thats more like it!

And my new terrain pieces did not look too out of place. The only downer was realising how the terrain was swallowed up by an average 4' x 4' table.

The Warbands start in opposite corners. Unfortunately I roll the lowest and all the prime real estate is taken by the time my lot make it onto the board. At least it will make for some comic moments later as my stumpies try to climb the cemetery fences!

It's nice to see my SAGA Vikings do not look out of place in the town of Mordheim.

My Dwarves begin their LONG trek across the board to get to the action.

"Right lads we just have to jump those fences!"

"What those BIG, TALL, fences Guv?"

Neil makes a bee line for Maccas Warband. This just means I have EVEN further to cover before I can get stuck in. Boy I wish I could give my lot 'sprint'.

My only hope is I can make it across the board while Macca and Neil are still ripping into each other as whoever wins their melee will be in a very strong defensive position.

The below shot gives you an idea of how dominating this corner of the board could be.

It was also at this point of the game I nearly lost an eye bending over the table to get a miniature eye view of the  board, so no one could snipe at my Dwarves. I have no idea how I would explain that one to the nurses at A&E!

If you look closely you can just spot Chuck Boris desperately trying to climb the fence (top left).

Neil forces runs the gauntlet of arrows from Macca's Hunters to secure the higher ground.

While all this action is taking place my Dwarves are failing numerous initiative rolls in their pitiful efforts to climb the cemetery fences (much to the amusment of the other two!). In the end I give up and take the EVEN longer trek to the open gate to get out.

Maccas new Wulfen (aquired via Salute) charges up the hill to show his stuff against the approaching mercenaries.

We all wait with baited breath to see what the Wulfen can do. . . .

It turns out not a lot as it fails to make an impact and is mobbed and curb stomped by the more numerous Marbenburgers. Maybe they distracted it by throwing a stick or something?

"Heel boy, HEEL!"
As ALL this action is taking place on the other side of the board, my lot have JUST cleared the cemetery gates!

Macca pitches in with his second wave of attacks and despite some successes his forces are decimated in the retaliation.

To quote Macca "now you see why I don't charge out of towers!"

At least the photos look epic.

At this point I reach the edge of the open ground JUST as Macca fails his rout test and bolts from the board.


Not wanting to risk the assault across open ground against at least 10 bows, I bunker down behind the ruined cottage and content myself with pot shots at the camped Marenburgers.

The hope is to drop a couple to reduce the effect of their barrage and then pitch in with my 'Ginger Ninjas'.

Neil is content to hunker down and wait for me to fail my cool test and risk the assault anyway.

Boy does he know me!

Maisey Red Hood and Grimli (one of my Salute purchases) go for an EVEN longer run as I try to out flank the Mercenaries and open up another field of fire, or at least spread the concentration of the Human forces' arrows.

With the positioning of our forces in so much cover, the shootout becomes the 'battle of the sixes' as we try to whittle away at each others forces.

Maisey and Grimli finally make it to their new firing positions and force the Humans to bunch up even more. In an effort to be more aggressive I decide to run Maisey forward to new firing positions as she is reloading.

Poor Macca has to sit through ROUNDS of sniping as Neil and I fail to roll the sixes needed to make an impact of the others warband.

Then me being me I fail my 'cool test', get bored and charge my heros up the hill anyway. I use my leader as a meat shield due to being toughness five. 

There is no way he can go down to strength three bows!..........

..... Yes he can as an incredible rolls of sixes sees 'The Butcher' removed from the board!

Neil charges down the hill to mob 'Snow White' and probably to escape my Ginger ninjas charging up the other side of the hill.

Snow White holds her own and I manage to drop a couple of the mercenaries with crossbow fire as they bolt form cover.

I also get a bead on Neils remaining two heros. My  hope is I can drop them and really screw with Neils post game wyrd stone hunt but I fail to hit on both occasions!

Will Grimm takes a deep breath and prepares to charge out of cover into a hail of arrows. His Troll head looks like he does not agrees with the idea!

"you sure this is a good idea?"
Thankfully Will Grimm rounds the corner to find the Humans have disappeared!

Neil has decided he has done enough damage with the pulling down of three of my heros and makes the tactical decision to bolt while he still has some surviving heroes!

"Come back you lilly livered, lanky bastards. We run an entire battlefield to kick lumps out of you!!"


The Butcher picks up one of the many arrows scattering the battlefield. Unfortunately this particular arrow has one of his eyeballs sticking on the end of it. The Butcher and his eye stare at one another before he dashes it against the wall.

"Bollorks! That was my good eye!" he screams!

"Never mind" says Napoleon "We can buy you a nice, shiney, new, glass one when we get back to town. No one will know the difference. It's not like you lost some thing big like an arm!".


  1. Entertaining as always! Nice to see the new buildings in action!

  2. Thanks man.

    Your rule set is coming on a treat.


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