Monday, 25 May 2015

Lego Mordheim. Game two. The desolation of Ellis!!!!!

The Broken King stood upon the parapit of the gate house and despaired at the sight of his ruined capital before him.

The Comet had hit while he was away on crusade. Within the blink of an eye his once great capital had been destroyed. With the destruction of his seat of government, his kingdom had fragmented like a cart wheel without it's hub.

Insidious forces both within and beyond his borders had struck at his weakened state with vulpine hunger, ripping his kingdom apart.

Thankfully the first battle of the Gatehouse had been won, his toe hold on his city secured! Now onwards to the Temple of 'Sigmar is AWESOME!'

So its been awhile since our last Lego battle report.

This was due to the tragic event forever known throughout Lego Mordheim as 'THE DESOLATION OF ELLISSON!!!!!!!!!

While my son was having a play date a couple of weeks ago, the kids younger brother had climbed my sons shelves (WTF!!!!!!) and got his hands on his Lego Mordheim bits. The following photos speak for themselves. . . . . . . 

My son and I salvaged what we could, listened to some speeches of Churchill stared at this for a while . . . .

and then spent this Bank holiday rebuilding.

If anything the new bits look even better!

The game scenario is a simple one;

The 'Broken king' continues to forge a path through Lego Mordheim towards the Temple of 'Sigmar is AWESOME!' in order to rally  more survivors to his banner and secure the treasure chests of holy relics stored there. 

The 'Baddies are desperate to turn the tide against the 'Broken King' and secure the holy relics so they can corrupt them to evil. To throw a further curve ball at me my son decides he wants to play the 'Baddies' this time!

The board is set!

my new 'Shinobi' henchman makes a break down my right flank past the evil 'shrine of Chaos' (are the lego heads on spikes a bit too much?).

The 'baddies run forward and quickly gain ground on the treasure chest secured within the Temple.

'Sleven the Northman' and 'Zombie Bob' find the first  treasure chest in the prison.

In order to hide the two from view the Evil Wizard sets the ruined manor house on fire with a fireball!! (note the 'no expense spared' special effects!!!!)


My Henchmen run through the Temple with 'the servant Knight' in support to cut the Baddies off before they grab both treasures.

Thankfully on my left The Broken King and the Bowman spot 'zombie Bob' and manage to plug him through the chest. Unfortunately he is only knocked off his feet but Sleven is forced to drag the heavy chest on his own and is reduced to half speed.

The Baddies continue to surge forward and crash into the goodies! The fighting within the temple is ferocious and no quarter is asked or given!

The Evil Wizard leaps out and attempts the fry the King with a Fireball . . . . Thankfully a roll of only six means he fluffs his lines.

My Shinobi races in from the right flank to lend his support. The cultist meets him head on!

Back in the Temple a unengaged Baddie manages to climb up onto the rafters despite his peg leg. So close to the treasure . . . so close!

On the left 'Zombie Bob' is back on his feet and he helps Sleven to drag the treasure chest towards the back table edge. Can they be stopped??????

The fighting in the Temple rages on with the blood of the pious and corrupted being shed within its walls!

The Evil Wizard conjures up a magic ladder, which means he does not have to make any initiative rolls when climbing up or jumping down.

The wizard is up the ladder and helps the cultist to drag the chest away as quickly as possible.

On the right Shinobi Joe finds himself blind sided by a second Baddie! Will his Ninja skills be up to the task?

Sleven and 'Zombie Bob' race off of the back table edge and one Holy relic is secured.

With the first chest safely escorted off the board the 'Evil Knight' charges across the board to attack the Goodie Bowman!

The noble Bowman is cut down with contemptuous ease!!!! (the black die is my roll!!!!!!).

On my right 'Shinobi Joe' is smashed to the ground by his attacker. . . . . . . .

and then mercilliously dispatched!

Within the Temple the Goodies cannot force their way through the Evil Henchman despite the weight of numbers.

The Baddies climb down 'the magic ladder' and exit the Temple as the battle of the temple rages around them.

Under the glaring gaze of the misses (we had a bar-b-que at one pm), one of the chests already secured by the Baddies and no hope of securing the other, I decide to roll our first ever moral check . . . . . . .

Yep you guessed it  . . . . failed it with room to spare!!!!!!

Normally when playing the kids I have to make 'mistakes' to keep it close. The truth is this game my rolling was so atrocious I could not win this game if I wanted to!



  1. These battle reports make me want to pull apart my Star Wars lego collection and rebuild it in Mordheim's image... great stuff! :D

    1. well if you invite a kid called Ellis around, he would save you the job!


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