Monday, 11 May 2015

Mordheim. The Short shank redemption. Game four. Thunderers are GO!

"Bloody heck...... Look at the size of that Wyrdstone!" Chuck Boris exclaimed loudly as he scraped the last of the dirt away from the wyrdstone horde.

"Hush boy!" The Butcher rebuked him angrily. "The walls have ears here son!"

Thankfully the rumours of the buried horde were true, but if they had heard rumours of this find surely others had as well.

Suddenly a gun shot rung out, shattering the silence of the dusk! Its' impact splintered the fence post near Grimli's face.

Grimli glimpsed nerviously through the new hole in the fence to catch a glimpse of their assailants.

"Its those poxy Marenburgers again, but this time their tooled up with hand cannons!"

The Butcher glared around with his one good eye. "Good! It saves me the trouble of tramping round the streets of this Gods forsaken shit hole looking for them! Its a hundred gold coins bounty for every archer dropped boys!"

This Saturday night saw another knife edged encounter between Neil and I for a 'Defend the find' scenario.

This one would be decided by milimeters!

Once again the battlefield would be a plethoria of ruins as we tried to rip each other to pieces in the grounds of  the abandoned Raven Barracks.

On the opposite board Lano and Macca were contesting the Memorial Gardens.

Lano's battle report is HERE

My mob are stationed in the central ruins defending the wyrdstone find.

My 'Ginger Ninjas' form one kill team to defend the southern table edge.

Napoleon and two Thunderers attempt to hold the eastern edge.

Suddenly the Marenburgers appear in several locations and attempt to corral my forces into the central killing ground.

After trying to climb the fences last week (to everyones amusment) I am very aware of the aggro I will have trying to climb my forces up the terrain to engage Neils forces if he secures the higher ground surrounding the central building.

I decide to run out my 'Ginger Ninjas' in the hope of chasing down and killing one of Neil's kill teams before sweeping round and clearing up another flank later in the game.

On the eastern side of the table both our forces go into hiding and hope to draw the others forces out.

This time I am happy to play the long game as it stops both of Neils archers firing.

To the North Neil has spotted my mistake of running my 'ginger Ninjas' off as I have misread the scenario win conditions and thought I had 6 turns to defend the find. It turns out in order to win Neil only has to get more standing figures within 6" of the central building at the end of one of my turns!

Neil has spotted the opening and moves forward aggressively  to snatch the early win.

Napolean attempts to save the day and runs across to hold the North of the building.

Thankfully Neil's aggressive tactics have opened up the majority of his warband to a withering fire from my Thunderers, who are now shooting at short range, at open targets.

I roll several hits but fail to roll high enough to remove them from the game. I have to content myself with knocking several humans off their feet, denying Neil the easy win.

I survive the return fire to take 'Pete' out of action. With only three heros in his band this could really hurt Neils exploration rolls later.

On the eastern edge Neil jumps out of hiding to draw more of my fire but I ignore the new assailants to concentrate on dropping the Marenburgers swarming the central objective.

Having rushed my Gingers out of the building they are too far away to be much assistance and will never make it back in time to make a difference.

Because of this I decide to follow through with my chasing down of Neils forces on the southern table edge and hope to kick lumps out of them before the end of the game to earn the extra xp and hopefully cause the demise of several of his henchmen in the post game injury rolls.

Getting closer!

Unfortunately a measure of the figures around the barracks shows that Neil has one more figure within 6" of the central objective then me. The deciding figure is in by MILIMETRES. 

At first Neil is loath to claim the win. That is until he realises how close several of his men are to getting the shit kicked out of them next turn!


The sounds of The Butcher screaming out curses as he kicked lumps out of the corpse he had found in the ruins of the hovel was a more then sufficent beacon for the rest of his warband.

The rest of the Dwarves slinked in one at a time and did everything they could to avoid eye contact with their apocalyptic leader.

That is until Grimli and Chuck Boris come wandering in without a care in the world and giggling their heads off.

The Butcher spun round, drawing his pistol on the pair. Around the room the other Dwarves glanced at each other bewildered. Several of the Thunderers slowly reached for their Crossbows unsure who they will shoot if the Butcher pulls the trigger.

Chuck Boris eyes his leader as he slowly empties his barrel onto the floor. 

The others stare in wonder at the slowly growing heap of wyrdstone at Chuck's feet.

"Well we weren't going to leave this lot behind for those thieving sods were we!" he smirked.

now thats how you roll for wyrdstone!!!!!

The good news is it looks like I saved all my sixes for the exploration roll at the end of the game!!!!!!!


  1. Nice report, love these splendid buildings!

    1. many thanks.

      we are still busy building / painting / buying more.


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