Sunday, 10 May 2015

28mm Snow White proxy. Chipping away at the lead mountain

With the lovely weather this weekend I have been cracking on with the painting, as well as dragging out some miniatures finished earlier this month for photographing.

First up is my Snow White Proxy for my Mordheim Dwarf treasure hunters.

This is the image that springs to mind when most people think of Snow White, thanks to Mr. Disney...

Copyright Disney corp... please don't sue me!

Despite looking on Reaper and other favourate mini websites nothing really matched (apart from a REALLY butch version on the Foundry website).

However as you scroll down the google images, stuff like this starts to appear.....

image from internet not me ..... please don't sue me!
Thats a bit more like it (in more ways then one!), but still not what I was thinking. Then I spot this one....

once again not my image

Hang on! She reminds me of a certain Reaper Strumpet figure (see below) I bought yonks ago for my Bloodbowl stadium.....

And Snow White was born!

My version on Snow White was greatly influenced by a short story in the Neil Gaiman book 'Smoke and mirrors'. It grabbed me instantly and I cannot recommend it enough!

I wanted her to have a more menacing look and went with a more piercing look to the eyes (which took ages!) and very pale (almost vampiric) skin tone. I'm pretty pleased with the result.

I also got Sly finished for my Warmachine army.

I plan to use him in a Rouge Trader scenario as well.......

Hence the yellow eyes.

Macca, Lano and I have set each other a speed painting challenge to get four points of SAGA armies painted up for our next Creative Biscuit meet of the 21st of May.

Macca frightened the life out of both of us, by posting a photo of three quarters of his Irish warband nearly completed in less then a week!

In a desperate effort to catch up I crashed through another four Norman Knights elite on Friday.

I also finished off an Imperial Pistolier as well this week. It's part of a new speed painting technique I am trialing using Army Painter sprays on the parts still on the spures BEFORE assembly.

Then everything gets an ink wash once assembled, followed by minimal highlighting / drybrushing.

Considering the crudeness of the technique, the results are more then sufficent for a mass, table top, army.

Also finished off my two Mordheim Henchmen who died before I got a chance to finish off their paint job!

And I got one of my Hasslefree Dwarves I recently bought at Salute finished.

Once again a lovely, crisp, 'hasslefree', sculpt from one of my favourate companies.

So with my Salute purchases factored in, here are the new lead mountain figures.

10 more down, 365 to go!


  1. Thats a fair amount cut from the lead pile, bloody SAGA Normans though.. bane of my life ( Ok still not as bad as Welsh) hehe

    1. It's been nice to finish up miniatures I have been block colouring through the winter months.

      Everyone hates SAGA Welsh


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