Friday, 10 April 2015

Warmachine. The Beckton insurrection

"Hang on! I thought the Risen were on our side!"
With the arrival of my Titan forge Ogres I know only one man I want painting the crocs. I give Lano the smiling assassin a call and 20 min later I am in the car on on the way to his place. With my victory over him the night before I have my Warmachine figures in the passenger seat just in case.

Lano takes one look at the crocs and he's in. Then the conversation turns to what I have planned for the rest of the day. The kettle goes on and 30 points of Warmachine is being set up. I caught him painting Khador at Neils the other night so I know I am probably facing Khador. Lano gives me a heads up and tells me to do myself a favour and take Eryss.

He then plonks Epic Vlad on the table. Yes I am definately going to need Eryss!

Lano sets up a sea of red in a flying brick on one table edge. I am amazed how quickly Lano has knocked out nearly 30 points of Khador in what seems to be under a week. Man this kid can paint!

I go with a slightly more dispersed set up. Not really sure why or what my plan is yet as I am still giddy and silly from beating Lano yesterday and have only played Warmachine once this year so this really is a suck it and see game.

No secrets to the first couple of turns as we both bolt for the centre. We are playing some sort of scenario where we have to control the centre and have our casters 14" away from the table edge by turn two (I did try to listern but he had 'Vikings' on in the background and I got distracted).

One thing I do realise is my Devil dogs need to get to grips with the Khador jack rather then sit out on the left and need to run the gauntlet of Winter guard fire in order to get to it. I decide to use the Mules to lay waste to the guard in order to give the Dogs half a chance of making it.

I also make the mistake of confusing the Mordheim blunderbuss rules with the spary attacks rule of Warmachine and convince myself that spary attacks are auto hits. This leads to me keeping Eryss camped in the forest rather then flying down the flanks to get at the Khador caster as originally intended.

On the right my Mule and Mages try to help out by dropping any Winter Guard which are in range.

Lano's spray attacks take a toll on both risen and Devil Dogs as HIS risen continue their shamble forward.

Two make a bee line for one of my Mule. Not sure why as they are power 7 so I am more then happy to risk the free strike.

Ashlynn makes a charge into the centre and pops her feat before taking  care of several opponents (what a girl!).

My Mages gun down Risen and Thralls.

My mules cause absolute carnage in the centre during the feat turn and the Reds get a free flying lesson thanks to the critical devastations being caused. Several figures behind the action are taken out as collateral damage.

Lano's Caster is also knocked on his arse by being hit by a flying winter guard and during his maintance phase Lano learns the agony of Warmachine players as suddenly he has to really consider his Focus as his does not have warbeast creating fury.

Welcome to the Warmachine side Lano!

One problem is I do create a BIG hole in the middle. Even with my feat up I am still worried about the assassins sneaking round the back so create a Thrall and charge him in to stop their charge next turn. Not reading their card properly is REALLY going to come back and bite me in the arse!

In the centre it's Zombie on Zombie action. And despite Lano's Risen being better looking I have weight of numbers and gain the upper hand.

Lano's Alexia had also managed to collect 7 or so corpse tokens so I am glad when I manage to pop her off in the carnage that is the Mule shots into the centre!

On my right Ashlynn gets busy and kicks shit out of a Risen in melee before popping off two winter guard with virtuoso (the second shot thanks to Reinholt). She really is my girl!


I know Man Hunters are absolute nails but with Vlad's feat up and all the other shernanigans he has going on the Man hunter hits like an absolute truck!!!!!

Roll one of PURE damage (The white die is for damage location).

and now he hits with the other axe! Three more die of pure damage. My Mule is left with 4 damage boxes from ONE round of combat with a MAN HUNTER! 

This game is just bollocks!

I know I am supposed to screen Ashlynn with Mages etc but it just does not feel right. I make the mistake of forgeting about the assassins being able to be immune to free strikes and they are in on Ashlynn. My girl makes a swing of it and even sitting on five focus a couple of very high rolls from Lano sees the insurrection snuffed out with merciless efficency.

Killed by unpainted miniatures. It should be Outlawed!
P.S. of course Lano being the git he is always has to have the best toys (it's only a matter of time before he gets a Cryx army, trust me!), now he plays Khador he had to run out and get Alexia. It's only a matter of time before Gorman and Reinholt makes an appearance in his Khador army!

Wait and see. 

our girls side by side

Blondes or Brunettes?  You decide

Thankfully he painted his blonde to avoid confusion

Do blondes have more fun?

personally I have always prefered them dark haired and sultry

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