Thursday, 9 April 2015

Mordheim Game 12. Revenge is not a noble sentiment but it is a human one!

Shinobi Joe slipped back into the room and approached Eric. In his quiet voice he stated "They're following Crazy Bob. Thats why they let him go. He brought the Cultist straight to us!".

Eric snarled "Good. It's saves us the walk! Kill the lights and sober up Red. We make our stand here. We will ambush them from the gate House!".........

Hidden in the shadows of the Gate House Eric could hear the Beastman sniffing the ground desperately trying to reacquire Bob's scent.

Eric cocked his Blunderbuss, pulled down his mask then leaped from the shadows while squeezing the trigger. The Beastman disappeared behind the cloud of smoke and wadding. The discharge of the Blunderbuss shattered the silence of the night. It's firing the signal to spring the trap!

From out of the shadows the last of the Forsaken sprung forth to reap their bloody vengence......

Had a lovely surprise when I got a text from Neil saying he had the house to himself and did we fancy a game at short notice. Heck yer!

The news got better when I found out they had not played while I was away and Lano's Warband was still in a weakened state!

We roll the die and despite trying to act cool everyone knows I have Lano firmly in my sights!

Neil wins the roll and takes great pleasure watching me sweat as he decides which territory to attack. After what seems an age he finally decides to attack the quay side and go after Denny!

The quay side is set up as seeen below.

This leaves Lano the option of which of my territories he wants to attack. He makes a foray into my Gate house district (as seen below).

I don't know why we bother as we could usually fight the battles in a phone box!

Having the lower experience I get to roll for scenario. The Gods are smiling when I roll scenario 9; Surprise attack.

No surprise that after my experience against Denny in the same scenario I decide to be the attacker.

Lano's face falls as he finds out about his starting conditions and then gets even more upset when 3 of his already depleted warband will be entering  later in the game!

I roll for table edge and once again the die are with me as I arrive in force within the towers!

GOT YER!!!!!!

Got yer. Yer Bastards!!!!!!

The below shot gives you an idea how isolated the rest of his band are.

I am allowed to deploy within 8" of the selected table edge. This allows me to deploy in the towers and mob two of the Cultist deployed there. Then I get first turn. Guess what happens next?

The first Cultist finds him self mobbed by Red and Shinobi Joe. Rags gets into a firing position to cast a fire ball and spook decides to set himself up for a shot with his bow.

On the other tower I have made the error of not realising how narrow the gap is and only one of my bases will fit. I decide to just blast the Beastman in the face with the blunderbuss and a pistol from Crazy Bob. Both fail to hit or wound!

Arnold and Full skin Willy move forward to secure the door. In retrospect I should have offered Willy as bait and then counter charged with Arnold. Damn the red mist!

The horror that is Lano's possessed piles in and once again wreck bloody ruin on my Warband. The rest of Lano's forces turn up.... also on my table edge and pitch into my rear (oo er misses). And it was all going so well!

Bodies fall left right and centre as Beastmen, Ninjas, Ogres and Cultist are hacked down. No quarter is asked or given by both sides. Both of us have to make moral checks and we could declaire at any point but this is going to be nothing but a fight to the death.

Spook tries his party trick and pitches himself off the tower at the possessed but I fail the roll and 3 strength 6 hits takes him out the game. I have decided this game is death or glory!

Lano and I continue to take casualties and the moral checks get more and more nerve wracking as the higher level command figures start to fall. It's been TWO YEARS and I have never beaten Lano. I am not about to call it now!

With the arrival of Lanos reinforcements it just lends more fuel to the fire and we continue to rip strips off each other.

Despite my being outnumbered and definately outgunned Lano finally FAILS his moral check and I finally have my win over Lano.


Despite the heavy casualties I only have one of my warband actually die. Thats a good roll for me!

Lano finally has a casualty!


Arnold Leggenbreaker whistled merrilly as he turned the Beastman on it's spit, an apple stuffed in it's deformed mouth. 

"You pansies sure you don't want a slice?" He asked "He tastes like beef!"

P.S. How complicated is this stupid game!

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