Sunday, 26 April 2015

Mordheim Terrain. My first attempt.

After the giggles of Salute yesterday I was soon sent crashing back to Earth when I had to be up bright and early this morning to empty out one of my Storage units.

While sorting through the MANY, MANY boxes my mind kept wandering and I kept thinking back to this.....

In the middle of the donkey work I come across a big, old, heavy, box. Curiosity got the better of me and I cracked the box open to look inside.

And this is what I find!

Yep the complete set of one hundred, Del Prado 'Build your own Medieval fortress' magazines. I bought these when they originally come out and subscribed. Did the first two and then it went to one side to be abandoned but the issues kept on arriving. I figured one day I would get back to it. 

Yep that never happened. 

The good news is, it was all kept in the one place. I have no interest in building the original fortress but sorting though the issues there is a ton of stuff to use for terrain building.

And once again my mind kept flicking back to this.....

One discussion we have been having between the Mordheim group is how tactical we have been getting recently and how the number of building we have on the table is slowing the game down.

Of course Mordheim needs a ton of terrain but was originally envisioned being played in the ruins of a devastated city.

So this afternoon after clearing out the unit I put the kettle on and sat down to sort through the bits out into their constitute parts and got stuck in.

Out come the bricks, Starbucks coffee stirrers, balsa wood, glue, modeling knife and a couple of bits out the bits box and after an hour or so ended up with this....

yep each brick was stuck on individually!

Not a lot to look at so I sprayed it black and started dry brushing with a VERY big brush and ended up with this....

Much better.

This photo was taken inside to show how I had painted the wood quite a vibrant brown (does such a thing exist?) to contrast to the dull grey walls.

It's a shoddy looking building which reflects my building skills quite accurately.

"Eight down and counting!"

Not bad for a first effort and I think the smart thing was to start with ruins as it reflects my 'pants' terrain building skills.

I have a plan for a whole building which can be used as separate pieces or combined to look like one giant ruin. This first part is just one of the corners.


  1. You said you were rubbish at making your own terrain! So I was expecting a picture of you with bits of building superglued to your fingers...and what do I find? A lovely bit of terrain!

    1. that was the deleted blog post ;0)

      Thanks for the compliment, it turned out much better then I expected.

  2. Replies
    1. cheers. Can't wait to see it action in 'the shed of lead'.

  3. Hi! Years and years ago i also subscribed to this patch work but i never received part 100. So, a brazen question, but do you by any chance have some of the instructions or maybe even parts of part 100 (the final one) left and would you be willing to sell it?

  4. Ow, great. For some reason Google doesn't show my name or anything. Is there a way to contact you?


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