Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Gorka Morka. The Rioteers get mobile and hostile!

The idea was a simple one.

Hey Lano lets play Gorka Morka for Orctober.

Then the Warmachine Journey man league kicked in and sucked up all my hobby time (and any enjoyment I actually got from the game!).

But I have perservered and the Rioteers are now Mobile and Hostile.

Keelz on wheelz

"Nar Guv, we 'Borrowed' it

 The jalopy is called "Keelz on wheelz" and was 'borrowed' from a group of dead, Imperial guards men.

Of course they sez they were only sleeping but youz know to never trust a oomie!

 The whole look of the lads is inspired by this cover.

In my eyes the classic Ork inspiration!

Funny thing is I have seen this picture pop up time and again and it's funny how ahead of its time this picture is as people now go for a more "realistic" feel to their armies!

Hopefully once we finish beating each other with Warmachine we can play Gorka Morka and have a laugh again!

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